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Scheer puts full blame on Iran for shot down plane
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Scheer puts full blame on Iran for shot down plane 

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Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer blamed “Iranian Regime alone” for the downing of a Ukrainian passenger flight 752 Tuesday, only one day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put blame on increased tensions.

Scheer’s tweets revealed that Trudeau briefed Scheer on the situation with the downed flight. “We must always remember the Iranian Regime’s actions that led to this horrible atrocity,” the tweet reads.

Scheer then goes on to give a call to action to the Trudeau Liberals to proceed as follows:

1. Immediately implement the Conservative motion passed by Parliament in 2018 to list Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization.

2. Demand Iran compensate all victims of the crash, repatriate their remains, and hold the perpetrators of this atrocity accountable.

3. Be prepared to impose Magnitsky Sanctions on Iran if they don’t fully cooperate with the international investigation.”

Scheer calls the demands an “appropriate response” that would move to help the families of victims. “The Iranian Regime can not get a free pass after killing 57 Canadians.”

Iran has begun investigating the incident, as two Canadian Transportation Safety Board investigators make way to the region, with two more on the way. The crew will be sent to analyze black box data.

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