Scheer: Lower Our Taxes & End The “Carbon Tax Cover-Up”

The Prime Minister will need to seriously change his game plan or face a fight with multiple provinces at the same time.


Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer has now called for Justin Trudeau to lower the tax burden and to end the “Carbon Tax Cover-Up”.

Why Does This Matter?

The Conservatives are likely counting on the rapidly increasing cost of fuel and new competition from the United States to push general sentiment against the Liberals and their carbon tax.

Will it work?

Only if the economy continues to head downwards.

Will The Economy Continue Struggling?

The Liberals have largely made a bet on paying for large businesses to modernize, hoping that in turn, the Canadian economy will see sufficient growth.

Unfortunately, this simply will not work out.

While Canada pays subsidies for certain corporations, most businesses face steep new levels of competition from the States, as our neighbours benefit from radically lowered taxes.

What Will The Federal Government Do?

At this moment no one really knows, but with new competition against the tax in Ontario, and the real potential of a political switch in Alberta, one point is obvious.

The Prime Minister will need to seriously change his game plan, or ultimately end up fighting with multiple provinces at the same time.


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Ali Taghva

Business owner, former riding President, and Bachelors in Industrial Relations from Mcgill. Interested in the intersection of politics and culture. I firmly believe in a free media and work to push new stories to your door each day.

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