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During one of five live speeches intended to elucidate the Conservative Party of Canada’s platform for the 2019 federal election, Andrew Scheer delivered remarks today about the party’s vision for Canada’s immigration system.

The speech which was delivered in Toronto was called “Unity in Diversity” and it took an overall positive tone in what Scheer painted as a restoration of an immigration system broken by the Trudeau Liberals.

“Among the people I hear from most often on this point are new Canadians themselves, people who have played by the rules and arrived in Canada fair and square,” said Scheer.

“They are most offended at Trudeau’s status-quo, where some are able to jump queues, exploit loopholes and game the system.”

In his speech, Scheer pledged that his party would further concentrate on economic immigration, improve language training and encourage the private sponsorship of refugees, among other things.

One of the more prominent policy points mentioned was that a Conservative government would seek an end to the loopholes enabling migrants to enter Canada at irregular border crossings along the United States border.

The federal government has recently tried to engage with US officials in talks about the agreement to no avail as of yet.

During his speech Scheer also lambasted the Liberals for trying to paint immigration as a partisan issue.

“We should be able to have an immigration debate in this country without the government calling its critics racists and bigots,” claimed Scheer. While maintaining that the topic of immigration was up to debate Scheer insisted that those with racist views are not welcome.