CALGARY — Alberta’s premier says Quebec legislation that bans people from providing or receiving public services with their faces covered represents a “sad day for Canada.”

The controversial religious neutrality bill passed on Wednesday and will apply even while riding the bus.

Bill 62 has been criticized for targeting Muslim women.

Premier Rachel Notley says the ban doesn’t make sense and “smacks of Islamophobia.”

Notley says she suspects the legislation doesn’t meet the values that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is intended to protect.

She says Alberta takes pride in celebrating diversity and the ban isn’t the sort of thing Canadians would support.

“The passage of that bill is a sad day for Canada. I think that it is damaging for marginalized women and it’s very unfortunate,” Notley said Friday after receiving an award from Equal Voice, a national organization dedicated to electing more women in Canada.

“The only way it holds together logically is if you’re in some way trying to move forward with some element of Islamophobia and that’s not who we are as Canadians.”


  1. Canada Welcomes Diversity, but that is based to following Canadian Customs and Laws, this is not happening with the Muslim community, in dress and oppression of women under the disguise of a Ideology. Requesting special treatment in having prayer services, Female mutilation, family killings based to Sharia Law. This is not acceptable to Canadians, all other immigrants follow our laws, why should a nation of 35 million people bow to a minority group of 3%. This is not Islamophobia, it’s Canadian Values of all refugees and immigrants that came to our country. If not wanting to be a Canadian then their is 57 other Muslim countries that will welcome you. Canada is not a hateful nation of people, but when you demand that we change to meet your customs then we as a nation of immigrants take exception. Any other questions?

  2. Wtf are you talking about ??? Do you get to cover your face for anything to do with the government or travel whatever … Stop giving people un needed favoritism. If we cant do it then theu shouldnt either.


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