Rumour: Maxime Bernier To Announce His Own Conservative Party

There's a rumour that Maxime Bernier will start his own party.

Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism Maxime Bernier stands in the House of Commons during question period on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Friday, January 30, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand
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Canada: The Conservative Party Convention is taking place over the next few days out in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  One former Conservative caucus member, Maxime Bernier, the Member of Parliament from Beauce, Quebec, who has been nothing but the talk of the town all over the nation, is set to appear today at 1PM on Parliament Hill, where he is rumoured to announce the formation of his own Federal Conservative Party.

For those who are a little out of the loop regarding the most recent events out in the Great White North, MP Bernier has been the subject of all political controversy: first with the supply management scheme, then by getting in trouble with the Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer, and then, after landing in hot water with his party, he fell into trouble when he was accused of inciting enough hatred to get Jinnah Park sign vandalized.

The next big move for Bernier might be sooner than we all expected.  After being shut down by the rest of his people, Bernier wants to demonstrate a new leadership style for his Conservative constituency.  

More as this story unfolds today, here at The Post Millennial.


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