Ruby Rose deactivates Twitter account after facing mob of leftist outrage

Leftists outrage again, this time targeting Batwoman actress Ruby Rose

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Ruby Rose deactivates Twitter account after facing mob of leftist outrage

The mob of leftist outrage is back.  And this time, it’s targeting the Australian Orange is the New Black star, Ruby Rose for her part as Batwoman in a crossover event for the CW series Arrow

A few months ago, a female porn star committed suicide after refusing to commit to a sex scene with a homosexual male star and then falling victim to online defamation and slander from members of the left who claimed she was homophobic.

In actress Rose’s case, it seems as though representing the LGBTQII+ community is insufficient for the leftist community.  With some Twitter users upset that Rose is neither gay enough, or Jewish, she is seen as a poorly casted counterpart of the Jewish and lesbian superheroine character she will portray: Katherine Kane, aka Batwoman.  

Mainstream television actors that have either worked with Rose or will work with her upon filming the crossover event have expressed praise and compliments through Twitter as well, defending the star.

Stephen Amell, lead actor who embodies Oliver Queen and his alter-ego the Green Arrow on CW’s Arrow, Tweets support for Ruby Rose:

Rose’s co-star on Orange is the New Black, transgender actress Laverne Cox, also Tweeted congratulations to the new Batwoman star, seemingly invoking a sense of approval by a significant member of the LGBTQII+ community:

Though coming out as a lesbian fairly early on in her life, Rose voiced in her final Tweets: “Where on Earth did ‘Ruby is not a lesbian therefore she can’t be Batwoman’ come from — has to be the funniest most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read?”

Even if she has left Twitter, either temporarily or permanently, Rose emphasizes excitement to play Batwoman on her other social media platform, Instagram:

This would not be the first time that a major television or movie star has become a target of leftist outrage and excessive criticism.  Take Marvel’s Iron Fist for example. The lead star to play Iron Fist and his secret identity Danny Rand, Finn Jones, quit Twitter for a little while after controversy that he was not fit for the role because of his skin complexion.  Alternatively, while there are many other cases, one of the more notable conflicts with fans includes Israeli actress Gal Gadot who poses as Wonder Woman on the big screen.  Gadot was criticized on a global-scale due to her unapologetic support for Israel and in many cases her movie was banned from various Arab countries.

It is both truly a shame and perplexing to see how poorly the left exaggerates their distaste for an actor from the LGBTQII+ community who wants to represent a member from that environment as well on television. The actress, herself, acknowledges that she wished that there had been more representation on-screen in her youth, and now that this is actually happening, she is not being well-received.

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  1. Extreme views, be it from the left or the right, is divisive, serving no valid purpose whatsoever. More than any other action, attempts to stifle opinion, or attacking others for their innate freedom of speech and choice contradicts the very concept of freedom.

  2. I had heard that it was the right that came out against her, but what do I know. Facts seem to be very flexible when it comes to the right-wing press.

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