Reviewing the 3rd Place Play-Off

Belgium has set a new record for themselves by finishing 3rd place for the first time at a World Cup

Belgium finished 3rd. It is their best ever World Cup performance.

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The 3rd place play-off saw Belgium finishing 3rd for the first time ever. England finished 4th, which matches their second best ever performance.

Both teams had been in Group G. After wins against Tunisia and Panama, both England and Belgium went into their final group game with 8 goals scored and 2 goals conceded. Belgium won the game, and therefore, the group.

Belgium came back from 2-0 down to beat Japan 3-2. They beat Brazil in the quarterfinals before losing to France.

England had their first penalty shootout win at a World Cup against Colombia, beat Sweden, and lost to Croatia in extra time.


Belgium recorded their 2nd World Cup win against England, the 1st time having been in the Group Stage at this tournament. Both teams really looked like they were trying to win.

Belgium’s “golden generation” has produced a concrete result, although they would have obviously liked to go further. They might wonder whether they might have beaten Croatia in a semifinal if they had ended up on England’s side of the bracket.

Belgium scored 16 goals at this tournament, only 2 fewer than Germany did 4 years ago.

  • BEL 1-0 ENG (4′ Meunier)
  • BEL 2-0 ENG (82′ Hazard)



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