Reviewing Day 17 of the FIFA World Cup

Russia and Croatia go through, Spain and Denmark go home.

Russia advances to the quarterfinals for the first time since 1982 as the Soviet Union.
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The Round of 16 continued today. Russia and Croatia advanced to the quarterfinals, while Spain and Denmark were eliminated.

This continues to be Russia’s best run since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Both games ended 1-1 and went to a penalty shootout.

Russia and Croatia will face-off in a quarterfinal on Saturday the 7th, at 2pm Eastern Time, in Sochi.


The 2010 champions fell unconvincingly to the hosts, who are totally not involved in any doping at all. It will be their first time in the quarterfinals as Russia (as opposed to the Soviet Union). Another win for Russia would see them match the USSR’s best performance in England 1966. Sergio Ramos made both goals: he was tangled up with Sergei Ignashevich when it bounced off the defender’s leg and into the Russian net, and his handball gave the Russians the penalty kick to equalize.

Ilya Kutepov and Roman Zobnin were carded but will not be suspended.

  • ESP 1-0 RUS (12′ Ignashevich own goal)
  • ESP 1-1 RUS (41′ Dzyuba penalty)
  • Iniesta scores, Smolov scores (1-1)
  • Pique scores, Ignashevich scores (2-2)
  • Akinfeev saves (Koke), Golovin scores (2-3)
  • Ramos scores, Cheryshev scores (3-4) giving Spain the chance to lose
  • Akinfeev saves (Aspas) (3-4)


Both goals came very early, and an penalty shootout with plenty of saves saw Croatia finally finishing on top. Modric missed a 116th minute penalty, but scored his in the shootout to ensure Croatia’s 2nd quarterfinals appearance. Denmark’s 1st minute goal did not even break the top 10 fastest goals at the World Cup.

Croatia did not pick up any cards in their win.

  • CRO 0-1 DEN (1′ Jorgensen)
  • CRO 1-1 DEN (4′ Mandzukic)
  • CRO 1-1 DEN (116′ Modric missed penalty)
  • Subasic saves (Eriksen), Schmeichel saves (Badelj) (0-0)
  • Kjaer scores, Kramaric scores (1-1)
  • Krohn-Dehli scores, Modric scores (2-2)
  • Subasic saves (Schone), Schmeichel saves (Pivaric) (2-2)
  • Subasic saves (Jorgensen) giving Croatia the chance to win, Rakitic scores (3-2)


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