The Islamic State may be severely weakened, but it’s far from totally dead. Yesterday, the radical terror group claimed responsibility for coordinated attacks across the world that killed 362 people in three days.

The Australian reports ISIS used suicide bombs, landmines and assassinations in attacks from Russia to West Africa as part of its “revenge invasion” after suffering a 100 percent territorial defeat last month.

Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, a spokesman for the terror group, rejected the White House’s claim that ISIS was defeated in a video last month. ISIS then claimed responsibility for 14 attacks in Iraq, 10 in Syria, and others across the world from April 8-10. Its latest terror campaign is called “Vengeance for Sham”.

While ISIS has not announced a new base of operations, it claims to be operating a covert network.

According to the Daily Mail, some analysts don’t believe some of the attacks were ISIS-led. For instance, an explosion Kolomna in which one person was injured is believed to have been caused by a gas leak.

However, others, such as the attack in Libya where terrorists stormed the houses of security forces and killed a number of soldiers could have been coordinated by the Islamic State.

It was also revealed that ISIS was planning another Bataclan-style massacre. The plans for the attack were found on a hard drive dropped by terrorists when they fled Syria.

The secret files also revealed possible plans for an attack on a high-speed train network in Germany and an an oil pipeline in Switzerland.