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Repeat B.C. sex offender who abused step-daughter avoids jail time
British Columbia

Repeat B.C. sex offender who abused step-daughter avoids jail time 

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A 37-year-old B.C. man previously convicted of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old won’t be going to jail after being convicted of sex offences against his own step-daughter.

The man’s name has been kept private under a publication ban.

According to The Vancouver Sun, the man had previously assaulted the sister of his then partner and served a seven-month sentence, but won’t be doing any hard time this round, due to the previous trauma experienced by the sex offender.

The trauma in question was related to the abuse the family of the sex offender had experienced during the residential school period, as well as the abuse and neglect suffered at the hands of his own parents.

Worryingly, the man will receive three years probation rather than a prison term, even though he previously failed to meet the requirements of his release, and a psychiatrist report stating that the man was “a relatively high risk to re-offend.”

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