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Repealing Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed by September? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

When I ran for leader of the Ontario PC Party, my main platform involved a plan to repeal the Kathleen Wynne sex-ed.

Yes, I ran on other issues as well: exposing the corruption from the Patrick Brown era; opposing the carbon tax; and ending the wind-turbine boondoggle. But opposing the Wynne sex-ed was always at the centre of my campaign.

When Doug Ford finally came around to this same position during the leadership campaign and publicly committed to explicitly “repeal” and “replace” the Wynne sex-ed, most of my supporters rewarded him by ranking him as their second choice. Doug promised, and they delivered.

Now it’s time for Doug Ford to deliver.  True, he has already broken his promise that I would play an important role in his government. So be it – at least I am free again to openly advocate for the parents and the children and not have to worry about “the party line” or “message discipline.” But Ford cannot wiggle out of this promise to “repeal and replace” the Wynne curriculum.

If the new Ford PC government is serious about “repeal and replace”, the “repeal” part needs to happen this summer – before school returns in September.

Why the rush?  If Doug Ford truly believes that the Wynne sex-ed is harmful to the children of Ontario, as I do, as he intimated several times over the past few weeks, then the next move is obvious: we must remove the danger from the classroom, and we must do it now.

What exactly is that danger? Although it has been over three years since the Wynne sex-ed was introduced, the specific objections remain the same: it’s age inappropriate; it sexualizes children; and there are glaring omissions within the curriculum – basic words like “love” and “marriage”.

Furthermore, shouldn’t there be some effort to teach Ontario students about the dangers of pornography? Perhaps the mention of pornography was deliberately omitted from the new “modern” curriculum by Wynne and her team. After all, her Deputy Minister of Education at the time, Dr Ben Levin, who was the top bureaucrat responsible for the development of the Wynne curriculum, was later convicted – and jailed – for the production of child pornography. What a relief the Wynne Liberals were so thoroughly defeated in the June 7 election.

And what about the exceedingly controversial “gender identity theory”? This “theory” is used to obscure the biological fact that there are only two sexes, male and female. Instead, it presents children with the unproven concept that multiple genders exist, and which are divorced from their biological sex. Sex-ed in public schools ought to teach facts – not unproven, highly contentious social theories.

But in Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario, our classrooms have been used as vehicles of radical, anti-family experimentation. Truly, this is a curriculum that raises many red-flags, was developed with virtually no parental consultation, and further disrespects parents by offering no “opt-out” for those who object.

Now that the election has been won, there is no time to waste.  Ford’s “repeal and replace” promise regarding Wynne’s sex ed curriculum needs to happen this summer.

Can it be done? Yes!  This is far easier than one might think. Here’s how to go about it:

Step One – Repeal it, immediately. Note to Doug Ford: simply have your new Minister of Education issue a directive ordering the Wynne sex-ed removed from all curricula. Tether to that directive mandatory advance notification with an opt-out for parents. Send the communique to all school boards – French, Catholic, and Public.  Our public schools must no longer sexualize their students with this curriculum.

Step Two – Review and consult, over the next year or so. Once the Wynne sex ed curriculum has been repealed, and presumably, as promised in the PC Platform, the previous curriculum is “restored”, it will then be time to further consult with parents as to the future of sex ed in Ontario. Take your time and properly review and consult with parents, experts, teachers, faith leaders, and see what is beneficial, and what is harmful. The last thing a sex-ed curriculum should be is abusive. Yet presenting information to a child he/she cannot handle is tantamount to abuse.

Step Three – Replace it, long-term. After in-depth and proper consultation, replace the curriculum with something age-appropriate, and which teaches the necessary basics. No social engineering. No ideological experimentation on our kids. No politically correct instruction. Just the basics. Replace the sex-ed and gender identity theorizing with something which respects parents, respects religious diversity, and respects family values. This could take a while. But it is important to get this curriculum right.

Throughout this process, it is crucial that your government be guided by this principle:  Show Respect to Parents. In a complete departure from the Wynne Liberals, you should show parents that you care and that you respect their rights. To do this, our schools must offer the parents – starting this September – advance notification of when any sex-ed lessons will be taught, and the schools must always allow for parents to remove their children from these classes if they so choose, without fear of retribution or reprisals by the teacher or principal.

This notice and “opt-out” is key, and needs to be mandated this summer by the Minister of Education. In the long-term, legislation should be passed to enshrine this right.

Doug Ford made many promises during his campaign for PC Leader and then Premier, and the “repeal and replace” promise regarding the Wynne sex-ed is among the easiest promise he can fulfill.

No immediate legislation is required: a simple directive or series of directives from the Minister of Education is all that is needed for immediate relief. Then Doug Ford and the PC government can check one big promise off the list. Doug Ford must start the process now. Kids deserve to head back to school in the fall, free from the intolerant Wynne sex-ed curriculum.


  • Replace sex-ed with something which respects parents, respects religion, and respect family values. And, I would like to add respects the tax payers. I hope Ford 'respects' your wishes.

    • Agreed But Jesus does. God’s love is not about rules it’s about being kind to each other and showing that same love across the board. If your experience has been different and I am sorry for that. As people we are not perfect and will make mistakes. So don’t base it off us but look at The life of Jesus as the example.

      • Joe, the word of God says, you love me by obeying my commands; he HAS placed rules, boundaries and guidelines to keep us safe. That is the loving heart of the Father.

  • Tanya i believe you are a saint.keep up the good work and the pressure on this issue. I believe this is the most important issue we all voted here.
    God bless you .

    Regards terry

  • Very unfortunate indeed that Doug Ford suddenly dismissed Tanya, a bright star in God’s firmament...

  • I applaud you for continuing this fight for our children and the rights of the parents to repeal the current sex-ed curriculum. As a supply teacher, I say first hand how uncomfortable it was for a health teacher trying to administer this propaganda to students who were not prepared for and did not need to know this information at such a young age. Children need to be shielded from some things so they can just be children for awhile instead of forcing them to absorb the adult agenda before they need to know it. So thank you for your voice of reason and responsibility.

  • Now let's see if Doug Ford has the guts to completely change the sex ed garbage to something good.

  • I agree with your stance on repealing sex ed. But I don’t think you have any business as an mpp and in that the right decision was made. This is because of your demonstrated lack of understanding of finance and economics displayed on your AM 1010 interview. The idea that cancelling contracts unilaterally would reduce businesses willingness to operate on Ontario government contracts was telling.

    I hope that you continue to be involved and press on social issues and there are plenty of more unqualified MPs and MPPs. I respect your passion and would encourage you to look at ways you can contribute strongly in solving the social issues you have raised.

  • Please just get rid of it .. All in all it’s not horrible but I firmly believe their are only 2 sex’s and do not want people to tell my kids otherwise .. my children are very loving and accepting of anyone and everything be literally my kids have hearts of gold but we don’t change facts for feelings in our household ..

    Also please unlike previous poster don’t do this for any type of respect for religion cuz religion should not be part of public schools again I teach my children facts not fiction..

    Teachers are their to teach my kids math and English and science not to teach them right from wrong or manners or anything of the sort .. That is my job ..

  • Tanya you are nuts! AS an educator, which you are clearly not! The Sex Ed is vauable to kids in the 21st century!!

  • The gender fluidity theory isn't science, it's an agenda put forward by the progressive left. If you challenged it, your a bigoted right wing fanatic, regardless of the centuries of sound science and cultural influences that say soundly otherwise. One incompetent government changed, three more to go.

  • Tanya is a role model. A person who stands for the rights of parents and children, even in the face of strong backlash and political pressures. We need more people like Tanya in Canada, to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Vulnerable and impressionable young children are being taught utter anti - science gibberish like they can non - binary and gender - fluid. This s an anathema. Any person with an IQ over their shoe size can see the absurdity of all of it.

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