Renata Ford Story A Political Hackjob Destined To Fail

Something feels off here right?

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A recent statement of claim by the lawyers of Rob Ford’s widow was published in the Toronto Star. It alleges that Doug Ford has “knowingly and deliberately put (Renata and her two children) in a highly stressful and unfair financial position during their period of grief after Rob Ford’s death, and continued to do so for more than two years after Rob Ford’s death,”

June Surprise

The business owner and family man with years of dedication allegedly deprived his own brothers family and destroyed his own company…

Something feels off here right?

That’s because it likely is.

The allegations put forward by Renata are not only extremely difficult to prove (how do you really show he tanked this company on purpose?), they are also unbelievably political in nature.

Heck, with only 1 day left until voting, it seems more than anything like a complete and utter case of political blackmail.

The mother of Doug and Rob Ford released the following statement in response to the allegations:

“It is heartbreaking that Renata has chosen to bring forward these false and baseless allegations against our family, right in the middle of the provincial election campaign. As a family, our one goal is to ensure Rob’s children are cared for and their financial futures are secure. Renata has serious struggles with addiction, and our hope is that she will accept help for the sake of herself and my grandchildren”

Further adding to the suspicions, Aird & Berlis LLP, the law firm behind the lawsuit, had made Patrick Brown’s sister a partner just this year.


Will This Have Any Effect On Election Day?

Canadians have a shown a tendency to reject late-campaign allegations as pot-shots not worth responding to.

For example in a recent Macleans articleAndrew MacDougall highlights a story about the late Jack Layton’s 2011 run. Layton had been found naked by the police in 1996 in a downtown Toronto massage parlour during a raid. Layton actually quickly admitted he was there—and found naked—but denied any impropriety. 

The polling numbers? Didn’t move. Not even a tiny bit.

Today, between the attacks lobbied by the mainstream parties and the media, this election has become even more divisive than the 2011 election in which Layton ran, while the evidence provided is even more flimsy.

Because of this I can’t help but assume that this scandal will be nothing more than a timewaster with nowhere to go.


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Ali Taghva

Business owner, former riding President, and Bachelors in Industrial Relations from Mcgill. Interested in the intersection of politics and culture. I firmly believe in a free media and work to push new stories to your door each day.

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