Top Liberal senator inexplicably leaks European locations of U.S. nukes

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Samuel Helguero

The release of a report for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly authored by a Canadian senator is drawing international attention. 

Almost casually, the document describes the locations of about 150 nuclear weapons stored by the U.S. throughout Europe. 

The bombs are stored at six different U.S. and European bases. There are nuclear weapons in Kleine Brogel (Belgium), Buchel (Germany), Aviano and Ghedi-Torre (Italy), Vokel (The Netherlands) and Incirlik (Turkey). 

This revelation came from an article in the Flemish newspaper De Morgan.

Following the publication of the story, the NATO report was pulled. 

The review, titled “A new era for nuclear deterrence? Modernization, arms control and allied nuclear forces,” was authored by Canadian senator Joseph Day. 

Senator Day contests that the release of the report was not accidental.

Moreover, according to Day, all of this information was already open source.

The politician has gone on GlobalNews stating, “to suggest that there was a mistake or to suggest that somehow we were leaking information that wasn’t public information before is wrong and it’s more sensationalism and false reporting.”

“Look back after the Second World War and the Cold War, that long period of time there were probably 2,700 nuclear bombs in Europe, now we’re down to 150 and moving in the right direction, in my view, but we can’t totally eliminate a deterrence.”

Yet, in an article by the Washington Post, they suggest possible dangers implicit to nuclear arms in Turkey and Germany. Because of regional tensions, these countries present a higher possibility of using these catastrophic explosives.

While the overall story is very interesting, the timing is also notable.

Yesterday—the date of De Morgan‘s report—marked the anniversary of the first atomic bomb explosion in 1945, reminded the Bulletin of the Atomic Sciences, which studies threats to survival and development, managing the famous Doomsday clock.

Samuel Helguero

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