Remember the Imam Who Called for ‘Eradication” of Israel? His Group Got Summer Jobs Funding

The government has already been using the Summer Jobs program as a political tool, yet will not lift a finger to use the program to fight radical hate speech

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Hudda, Trudeau

Shaikh Shafiq Hudda, who spoke at the Quds Day rally in Toronto earlier this month, had called for the ‘eradication’ of Israel.

As if that was not problematic enough on its own, it has now been revealed that the Islamic Humanitarian Service, of which Hudda is the director, has been receiving funding under the Summer Jobs Program.

The program has gained controversy in recent years due to the Trudeau government’s usage of the program as a political tool. The government will not fund any group that will not say that they are pro-choice, and has funded positions to protest against the Kinder Morgan pipeline project (which the government has since purchased).

It turns out that the group has been receiving funding for the last 4 years, including under the Harper government. However, Hudda’s antisemitic hate speech only started once the Liberals came to power.

Pierre Poilievre, who had been Harper’s Employment Minister, said that his government would have immediately defunded the group had those comments been made while the Conservatives were in power.

Empowering Antisemitism

It seems that the Liberals have emboldened radical islamic hate preachers in Canada, now that they know that even their government funding is safe. It is simply not true to say that there has not been an increase of public hate preaching among radical Muslim leaders under Trudeau’s watch.


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Mika Ryu

Law student at Western University, and UofT graduate in economics and linguistics. Remember that your version of the world is always too simple.

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