We have equality at last in Canada: cruelty disguised as charity. For nearly four years, many Canadians expressed their frustration at the fact that the Canadian state seemed to be putting the interests of refugees over the interests of the Canadian people.

As it turns out, the refugees were not worth a damn to the Liberals either.

The same Liberals who denied the existence of a #WelcomeToCanada border problem, called people unCanadian if they disagreed, then created a new cabinet position for border security. The same ones who went around asking media to call the illegal border crossings “irregular” instead.

Now, in an election year scramble, the Liberals will try to boot asylum seekers without a hearing. It is a desperate overcorrection that many commentators predict will not be upheld in the courts. Unfortunately for them, these “legalities” can’t be dealt with by appointing a new attorney general.

Much like the India trip debacle, including the Atwal affair, and the SNC-Lavalin controversy, the Liberals’ problems are entirely of their own making. MP Michelle Rempel explained it best in a recent video.

Rempel makes a good case that the border crisis was a consequence of what I will call the grits’ “virtue-signalling instincts”.

The prime minister’s famous #WelcomeToCanada tweet eight days after the inauguration of President Trump generated a lot of international attention, and that is exactly what the woke prime minister wanted. It was 2015+2, after all.

It was refreshing to hear Rempel also bring up Chrystia Freeland’s mindless Trump bashing Europe and around the world as she served as Canada’s foreign minister during the USMCA negotiations.

However, I would go even further than Rempel in terms of questioning the Liberals’ motivations.

Perhaps, after the ridiculous handling of the SNC-Lavalin controversy, we are to believe that Trudeau and Freeland really just did not realize that their eye-poking of the planet’s hegemon could harm their citizens.

In effect, they lured refugees to our country, just to throw them around the planet in an election scramble. Cruelty disguised as charity.

The bigger picture

Parties are not just a collection of people. It is like a body that replaces its cells over time. Like a body, a party has an institutional memory, a culture that develops naturally as individuals pursue the group interest insofar as they coincide with personal interests.

The Liberal Party is the only federal party that boasts institutional continuity back to the times before women could vote. It goes back to the times when this country had a Liberal prime minister who wrote his PhD dissertation on why those of my race should not live in this country; it goes back to when good old Pierre invaded Quebec, looted Alberta, and broke the bank; and it goes back to the Sponsorship Scandal, which in retrospect we will call “LavScam Lite”.

This tired party is in desperate need for renewal, for the health of our country. I am convinced that that big red machine is beyond reform, and that it is no longer institutionally capable of distinguishing the nation’s interests from partisan ones.

We can only hope that Trudeau Jr. proves to be the extinction burst before a new page in Canadian history. It is time for this particular organization to finally be democratically put to bed, once and for all.