Refugees Costing Canada $413 Million Per Year

If we extrapolate this figure over the 40,000 refugees we've welcomed since 2016, that's $413,568,000 our government is spending on refugee social assistance every year.

Syrian Refugees
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Large Costs Associated With Refugees

A new CBC article recently broke down the average amount Canadian refugees receive. We found it interesting that the sum total was not provided and decided to see what the final number would be.

The article mentions that income assistance in Nova Scotia includes $620 a month for shelter for a family of three or more, and an additional $275 per adult and $133 per child each month for personal expenses.

That equals for a family of four(small for a Syrian family) $1,436/month in government assistance.

For Nova Scotias 894 refugees, that’s $1,283,784 a month.

That’s $15,405,408 a year, in Nova Scotia.

If we extrapolate this figure over the 40,000 refugees we’ve welcomed since 2016, that’s $413,568,000 our government is spending on refugee social assistance every year.

And it might be more than that as families may also qualify for the Canada child benefit program.

As these costs continue to increase one thing needs to be mentioned. Most Syrians do not want to be here. They had better lives in Syria, where they could speak the language and work in their actual fields of specialty.

We must understand that we are in fact harming refugees by ignoring the problems that are truly causing their suffering. As Liberals argue relentlessly that the costs of regime change are high they seem to forget these real costs. If we want to really help refugees we would be solving the Syria issue or handling ISIS.

Depressed Movement 

Instead, we waste hundreds of millions bringing people who do not want to be here, and who do not want to live as Canadians. Within the same CBC article, a Syrian refugee is quoted as saying:

“I am very depressed. For me, it’s not just a matter of finding a job or not, to make a living. It’s a matter of success or failure. This is what I think about. Because already we receive social assistance, actually this is for me very embarrassing,” he said. “I used to help people, not people help me.”

Sadly most individuals will not find success and will continue to remain in this state of social stasis. They lack the skills and in many cases would require vast amounts of investment to compete with the extremely skilled Canadian population.

The only real moral response is to make their homes safe again, its time we took terror groups and dictators seriously as they cost us hundreds of millions of dollars each year.


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