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Abdirizak Abdullahi Mohamed was deemed inadmissible to Canada after his history of prior criminal convictions was revealed.

He fled from the United States where he amassed his list of convictions due to fear over Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, and threats of a Muslim travel ban.

During this turbulent time he joined the waves of illegal immigrants claiming refugee status in Canada. This was shortly after Trudeau’s infamous #welcometocanada tweet.

Does our immigration system work?

Mohamed went through the process to apply for refugee status and was ultimately denied.

His own lawyers claim this proves that our immigration system we have instated here in Canada works.

They go on to claim it should give comfort to Canadians to know that dangerous people will not be admissible to Canada.

Mohamed did not have the best life in the US. His brother left and his mother passed away, leaving him to fend for himself as a teen.

In doing so he racked up multiple charges including both theft and robbery.

Ultimately he decided to flee the US and seek refuge in Canada due to Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric.

He then filed an asylum claim at the Emerson Port of Entry. This was denied after several months.

He then moved to file a Pre-Removal Assessment Risk, which looks at the risk of persecution one has if they’re deported back to their home country.

This request was denied as well.

Hence, Canada’s immigration system did work effectively in this case and preserved the safety of Canadians by denying access to a potentially dangerous immigrant.

Comforting or Concerning?

Many Canadians have shown great dissatisfaction with the current immigration crisis we’re facing on our southern border.

It has caused a tremendous backlog of paperwork for immigration offices. It has also forced the government to spend tax dollars to house those seeking asylum.

Ultimately, the burden of this crisis has been placed on the taxpayer as they’ve been footing the bill for the additional resources needed.

With so little care to stop the flow of illegal immigrants entering into Canada it poses an obvious threat to the security of our country.

But, if we use the case of Mohamed as a reflection of how our immigration system works, it still does its job.

It allowed the man to have his voice heard and in the process discovered he could pose a criminal risk to Canadian society.

After immigration officials analyzed the risk of persecution he faced in his home country, he was then denied him asylum in Canada.

Therefore, Canadians should be able to sleep well knowing that our system is still able to stop dangerous criminals.

Where there is still a problem

The problem arises once you realize the amount of extra resources we have spent, allowing this illegal immigration crisis to continue.

Canadians should not be too concerned about criminals entering our country and being able to cheat the immigration system.

But, their concern should lie with whether the benefits outweigh the potential risks and the costs.

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