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Richard Wex, the chairperson of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) has been given his own personal car and chauffeur while the department struggles to clear application backlogs and deal with an ongoing border crisis.

According to the report the car and chauffeur service offered to Wex will cost taxpayers $78,562.

By January 4th, 2019 the IRB was facing a backlog of 64,000 refugee claims still waiting to be processed, 35,000 of which were illegal migrant crossings at the Canada-US border.

An independent review of the board identified issues in efficiency and processing times. By November of 2018, refugees and migrants were expected to wait two years before their applications were fully processed.

In an internal department memo from 2018, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said that the system as it stood was “unsustainable”.

“Without changes to improve efficiency and productivity of the asylum process, wait times and backlogs will only continue to grow,” wrote Hussen.