Red Cross: Liberal MP Was Abusive and Troublesome at Emergency Shelter

The Canadian Red Cross filed an 3 page complaint with the government

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The Canadian Red Cross has filed an official complaint to the federal government, first obtained by The Canadian Press, for bad behaviour by a Liberal MP at an emergency shelter that she visited.

MaryAnn Mihychuk, MP for the Winnipeg riding of Kildonan—St. Paul, is denying accusations that she caused disturbance and confusion at the shelter, to which evacuees had been flown in from Garden Hill First Nation.

The complaint reads, in part:

“Mihychuk verbally abused Red Cross volunteers and staff at the shelter and on the phone, using abusive and bullying language. For the evacuees, many of whom had just arrived from another shelter, the chaos and confusion caused by Mihychuk and [Manitoba Liberal legislature member Judy] Klassen stirring up the evacuees and misleading them about hotel rooms, only caused to multiply the stress the evacuees are already under.”

The evacuees were fleeing a fire, and the two Liberal legislators made it known that the conditions at the shelter were unsatisfactory in their view.

Trudeau’s Indigenous Services Minister responded with the following email statement:

“It is our expectation that departmental and elected officials maintain the highest level of professionalism in dealing with such sensitive situations. In this circumstance, a report was received from the Red Cross about a visit to the evacuation centre in early September. The concerns raised in the report were addressed directly with the member.”


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