In Toronto’s desperate efforts to resign NBA star Kawhi Leonard, fans have pursued him to meetings, Blue Jays games, and even offered a “Ka-wine and dine”⁠—free food for the player at participating restaurants. Raptor Serge Ibaka has gone so far as to repost the suggestion that if he was president of the Raptors, to keep Kawhi in Toronto, “I would take Kawhi and his people[‘s] passports!!!” 

Although Kawhi’s passport is safe for now, Toronto Mayor John Tory has started a petition, telling Kawhi, in the polite Canadian way “U should stay!” 

While the petitions goal is 100,000 signatures, it has so far gathered the John Hancock of nearly 30,000. 

More passionate than any signature, are the comments addressed to Kawhi through the petition

“ME AND ALL THE FANS HERE IN TORONTO and across Canada wants to say to YOU please STAY because we LOVE YOU SO MUCH NOT JUST A PLAYER BUT AS A HUMAN BEING because your so humble and down to earth person,” exclaimed one particularly emphatic fan, addressing Kawhi.  

According to CBC, the petition is meant as a “quiet” way of wooing Kawhi over to the Canadian team. 

In a press conference, Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia who helped launch the project to keep Kawhi, spoke to the need of giving Kawhi his privacy. 

“Let him enjoy the city right now. Let him enjoy his privacy right now with his family. And just leave him alone.”

Kawhi has already met with the Raptors, amid optimistic speculations that the two parties had a “strong meeting.” 

Chris Broussard, Fox Sports radio show host, has reported on Kawhi’s encounter with the team.

“[Kawhi] [w]ants Lakers but wants to make sure Big 3 will fit/work. Clippers out. It’s btwn Lakers & Raptors. Very close,” Broussard said in a tweet.