Adam Sandler, who recently turned 53, is in Toronto this week to promote his new film Uncut Gems at the Toronto International Film Festival. The new film currently holds a surprising 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, not exactly familiar territory for an Adam Sandler comedy.

Although this is a pretty routine visit to Canada’s largest for many working in the film industry, one man seemed to not think Sandler was welcome. In a Twitter video uploaded late on September 8th, the “Happy Gilmore” star is seen on the phone being randomly accosted by a raving stranger on the street for reasons that are unclear.

It seemed to have been an isolated incident as other Torontonians who recognized Sandler have instead opted for the more traditional photo with the actor/director. By all measures probably the classy move.

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At the very least this scenario is open to many funny interpretations on why a random man in Toronto would have a personal problem with Adam Sandler. I would like to think he was deeply offended after seeing Jack and Jill in theatres and still wants his money back.

Hopefully, this is not a trend for Sandler as I think we would all like to promote him to continue to make actual good films for a change.