Racist Tirade Caught At Denny’s Does Not Represent Canada

Although a truly a disturbing and gut-churning exchange I truly cannot see this as being representative of life in Canada. Almost every sane and calm minded person responded to this story with distaste. Clearly declaring the problem, and the woman herself has since apologized. 

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“Go back to your f—ing country,” she is heard saying. “We don’t need you here.”

“We’re all the same,” says a man’s voice off camera. “You’re a human being. I’m a human being. There’s nothing special about you.”

“You’re not dealing with one of your Syrian bitches right now,” she says. “You’re dealing with a Canadian woman and I’m not going to be talked down to by you.”

What Happened After?

The woman in question has since been fired. And literally, all of Canada has come to support the individuals who were helplessly attacked due to their country of origin.

She first commented that she believed the men, who were “talking in their own language,” were “making fun of her.” She said people did not see the entire exchange, and that she was “put down as well.”

She later released a statement saying that while her actions were inappropriate, they did not reflect her as a person.

“I would like to formally apologize to these men, as I did to the staff and management at Denny’s in Lethbridge two weeks ago for my actions. I am human, I make mistakes.”

Is this representative of Canada?

Although a truly a disturbing and gut-churning exchange I truly cannot see this as being representative of life in Canada. Almost every sane and calm minded person responded to this story with distaste. Clearly declaring the problem, and the woman herself has since apologized.

There was no galvanization. There was no grand fight. Just a clear response from the Canadian people.

Well minus Stephanie McLean, Alberta’s minister for the status of women who had a what I like to describe as a  “momentary brain fart.”

Canadians on average are united on these issues.

A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.

From time to time problems spring up, but we respond to them fairly.

It’s, therefore, my hope that politicians nationwide stop stirring the pot. The average Canadian is not harboring racist intentions and continued focus on momentary issues such as this instead of aspects such as economic inequality and poor overall economic growth are almost sure-fire ways to lead Canada in the wrong direction.


Lethbridge Police Say Denny’s Security Video Disproves Social Media Claims.

Lethbridge Police continue to investigate the circumstances around an incident last month at a local restaurant that was posted on social media.

On April 21, 2018 at approximately 12:50 a.m. police were dispatched to Denny’s along the 400 block of Mayor Magrath Drive South in response to a report of a disturbance between patrons at two tables.

Upon arrival police were informed that restaurant staff had already separated a male and female couple and a group of males following a verbal dispute where the parties had been yelling at each other and one individual used racial slurs.

After consultation with police, restaurant staff made the decision to exercise their right to refuse service to both groups and asked that they leave. Both groups eventually complied and left the restaurant without further incident.

Police have now been able to speak with several people involved in the event and further interviews have been arranged for later today.

Police have also reviewed the surveillance video from Denny’s which confirms officers did not escort any of the involved parties out of the restaurant as has been falsely stated on social media. Further, the investigation has confirmed the group of males had not paid for their food before they were asked to leave – again contrary to false statements being made on social media.

The police were present to keep the peace and assist restaurant staff in restoring the peace in their facility.

It was not until three weeks after the event that police were made aware of the details of the video circulating on social media.

Investigation in the matter is ongoing.

Lethbridge Police Service


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  1. To say this is not a representation of all Canada is a very far stretch and not true.Your government is allowing murderers and terrorists to walk the streets of Canada with no consequences. This is most irresponsible and puts the safety of Canadians at risk. To be allowing all of these refugees into Canada is also wrong. Many are illegal. Of course, verbally assaulting them in a restaurant will not accomplish anything. But the sad truth is that these people in the restaurant COULD BE ISIS MURDERERS. How could anybody know.? This is what this liberal government has done to Canada. This and so many other things that sane and responsible government would never do.The future of Canada must be decided by rational people and not these traitorous and immoral liberals.

    1. Mr. Edward Worth”nothing”ton. Great to see your views and opinions mean absolutely nothing in our society. Continue to spew meaningless hatred sitting behind your screen. Canada has and always will be welcoming to those who need our help. Funny thing is even conservatives despise people like you. Good luck living your miserable life.

  2. I do hope that both parties in this dispute will be taken into consideration. I hope the males involved were actually watched on the security video to see if they were taunting the female. What i do not want to see in Canada is the #MeToo like bs being applied to any visible minority Canadian ….automatically considering them innocents in incidents, and the opposite of non visible minorities. With the divisiveness this Liberal government is causing, the one sided bills and laws being introduced, we will no doubt see more tension and conflicts. And Social Media should never be trusted as the all seeing truth, notice how we only saw a no doubt “convenient” version of it from a certain time, nothing to show what caused the incident in the first place.

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