Alberta Premier Rachel Notley in a meeting with Alberta’s NDP council said the United Conservatives are determined to wreak havoc on working families and bring harm to gay children.

She further commented that residents face a critical choice in the next election. and that the campaign will likely be bitter.

Attacks on Kenny

Notley is likely making these comments in regards to the stance taken on school Gay Streight Alliances by leadership Candidate Jason Kenney.

Kenney’s view is that the parents of children should be notified when they join the local club.

“I do, think that parents have a right to know what’s going on with their kids in the schools unless the parents are abusive,”

Abusive Parents

Due to the potential for damage Alberta’s Education Minister David Eggen says Jason Kenney’s position that parents should be notified if their children join a gay-straight alliance is an “extremist” view. This tension caused fellow leadership candidate Brian Jean to make some awkward transitions.

As it first appeared as the former Wildrose Party leader Brian Jean was setting himself apart from Kenney on the issue by coming out against outing students to their parents, saying that “it’s much like a math club or a prayer club, and I don’t think that would be appropriate (for parents to be told when a child joins).”

On April 4, he changed his tune, stating that parents should only sometimes be notified. But by April 5, he switched back to his original position that he did not believe parents should be notified if their child joins a GSA.

Divisive Campaign

Regardless of what the official UCP policy becomes on the issue of GSA’s one thing is certain. The coming election in Alberta will be harsh and controversial.


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