Quiggin Report #5 – Third Wave Islamists

Former ISNA president Muzzamil Siddiqi, for example, said in a 2004 fatwa that a husband could have recourse to “light disciplinary action in order to correct the moral infraction of his wife.”

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Dr. Jamal Badawi is a long-time NCCM/CAIR CAN board member, a co-founder of the Muslim American Society. He has also served on the Shura Council of the Islamic Society of North America – which is famous – or infamous depending on your point of view – for having one of its charities busted for funding terrorism.

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Thomas Quiggin

Tom Quiggin, M.A, C.D., has 30 years of practical experience in security and intelligence matters. He is qualified as a court expert in the reliability of intelligence as evidence and on terrorism (Criminal and Federal Court).

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