Quebec Rally Ends in Brutal Violence Due to Anti-fa

This is, in reality, hooliganism and political terrorism. Antifa clearly states that their intent is to make it so dangerous for right wing groups to speak, that they simply stop speaking altogether.

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As a Canadian who is against violence and pro-democracy, I find it more difficult each day to trust the ideology of groups, or the facts presented by mainstream media.

Biased Media

Sadly recent coverage by the CBC and The National Post on the Quebec anti-diversity rally has not helped change that view.

As both news sites rush to display the drastic condemnation put forward by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier Couliard against these rallies, they fail to show the level of violence committed by so called Antifa.


La Meute the organization which organized Sunday’s rally is a far-right group that believes Quebec culture and society are currently threatened by radical Islam. The group committed to a silent protest on Sunday.

As the event began a mix of concerned residents and a smaller but far more violent group dressed in black, affiliated with the so-called Antifa, or anti-fascist, began to assemble and counter-demonstrate.

The rally was quickly declared illegal by Quebec City police when mostly Antifa counter-protesters fought with authorities and threw projectiles at La Meute members.This graphic photo is the result of these attacks on a silent protest.


That terribly beaten man is a member of La Maute. They were forced back into a garage, fearing for their lives. It took the police dispersing Antifa protesters and escorting La Maute with armed protection to allow them to finally finish their rally.

Now I do not agree with his politics, but I truly do not believe that any silent protest should end like this.

Political Terrorism

This is, in reality, hooliganism and political terrorism. Antifa clearly states that their intent is to make it so dangerous for right wing groups to speak, that they simply stop speaking altogether.

That is not politics, that is not a democracy, that is forced censorship. If we are going to call out the political extremists of the right, it is high time we call out the extremists of the left.


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  1. Our Socialist Mainline Media is absolutly guilty of supporting Antifa and the dangerous extreme left. As a law abiding Canadian that believes in our freedom of speech and Culture.. I may not believe in everything the far right says but I will defend there right to say it without fear of violence by the anti Democracy far left.
    The Media and left leaning politicians and groups ,should be concerned, the silent democratic right wing majority is wakeing up and they do not like the direction the left is steering this country. Politicians of all parties better start paying attention to the Democratic right wing majority and realize that there tired of political double talk or political correct surmons.
    We want reps that tell it like it is and standby what they say. If you make a promise you keep that promise, you always put Canada and Canadians first in all situations. Canadian freedoms and Culture must be maintained and supported by all levels of government as well as Canadian laws applying to everyone ,including immigrants and refugees.

  2. La meute was protesting illegal migration, not multiculturalism. However, multi-culturalism is a concept of the far left and the lineral party. The PQ is mostly opposed to it and so is every one right of them. French Canadians want immigrants to assimilate, its not even comtrobersial. Multi-culturalism does not axist east of the Ottawa River.

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