Quebec party candidates’ signs vandalised

Right-leaning provincial political party, the PCQ is attempting to achieve success in province despite vandalism attempts to set the candidates back.

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Vandalising candidate signs is nothing new, the 2018 Quebec elections are right around the corner and some are disappointed in the municipal community’s behaviour that can adversely effect the results of the election.


The Parti Conservateur du Québec, or the Conservative Party of Quebec (not affiliated with the Federal Party) was voted the 7th most popular in the province according to the prior provincial election numbers in 2014.  Head of the party Adrien Pouliot managed to get 16,429 votes, contributed by 0.39% of the total vote.

Though the party did not accomplish earning any elected candidates, the party members are hopeful that this year, something will change.

Party candidate for the PCQ running for the Mont-Royal–Outremont riding in the city of Montreal, Yaakov Pollak, candidly vocalized his desire for the election of a party member to the National Assembly of Quebec (Quebec’s provincial Parliament), aspiring to instil change in the dynamic of Quebec’s tense political climate:

“We are really looking forward to getting our foot in the door this year. We bring something unique to the table that not many other provincial parties are offering, including the complete elimination of the TVQ tax, taxes on used cars, and most importantly, the carbon tax. We want to see Quebec grow, united with Canada, in a manner that will be productive and agreeable for both the province and the State.”

The evil acts

People are cruel.  They have absolutely no respect for the hard work and dedication that candidates have put themselves through in order to take leadership.

Many of them, like Pollak, are professionals who are simply looking to generate positive change for the broader provincial community.

One morning, recently, Yaakov woke up to find one of his candidacy posters missing and another one ripped off the light post it was hanging from.  The picture he sent The Post Millennial can be seen below:

Yaakov Pollak, PCQ candidate, has sign vandalised (Credits: Yaakov Pollak)

Discussing his disappointment, he is thankful that the attack could have been a lot more personal.

Pollak’s running-mate, Mohammad Yousuf, had his sign targeted in a much more sinister case.  The Muslim candidate for the riding of Laurier-Dorion was vandalised with a large heart and cross.  Whether this attack was religiously fuelled or not makes no difference.  In the fact, vandalism on all accounts is wholly unacceptable.  The manner in which it was defaced is simply and unjustifiably cruel and racist.

Mohammad Yousuf, PCQ candidate for Laurier-Doiron, has sign vandalised with a large heart and cross. (Source: Candidate’s public Facebook post)

If the candidates cannot properly advertise themselves, how can they be expected to galvanise any voters?  No one in the community will be familiar with the names and faces they can vote for because all of the candidate’s banners will either be gone, or indistinguishable.

Future of the party

The future of the party remains unclear.

PCQ candidates maintain good spirits and an unwavering dedication towards the cause.  In a radio interview with a French radio station, the party leader of the PCQ, Adrien Pouliot, openly expressed that he would like to see the Member of Parliament for Beauce, QC, Maxime Bernier, help progress the Conservative cause in provincial politics.

Pouliot also recognizes that Bernier is deeply entrenched in the federal movement and it is unlikely he will come back.


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