If it wasn’t clear before, it sure is now. Governments suck at doing business, and dealing marijuana is a business.

According to a recently published article by the Montreal Gazette, the Société québécoise du cannabis, managed to bring in more than $71 million in its first fiscal year operating. While they took in millions and faced no legal competition, the society managed to lose $4.9 million.

The taxpayer covered loss is truly stunning when you consider that the marijuana sold at legal outlets in Quebec are on average far more expensive than marijuana available on the black markets locally and online, while also providing far fewer options.

Heck, public legal marijuana providers in Quebec were only open four days out of the week until just last month. Even now, when picking up at a store, the province only has 15 locations.

This expensive and frankly poorly managed operation means taxpayers are now covering the costs of what seems like a drug dealer worse than the black market.

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