Quarterfinals Recap: Winners, Losers, Golden Boot Leaders

A recap of the quarterfinals at Russia 2018

Is it coming home?

Part of our 2018 FIFA World Cup Hub

Now that the quarterfinals are over, it’s time once again to look back at the top 3 losers, top 3 winners, and top 3 leaders for the Golden Boot award.

Top Winners/Losers

3rd Place: France/Uruguay

Although France was expected to win their quarterfinal, it took a good closing down to get past Uruguay, even without Cavani. They have become the favourites to win the tournament after the elimination of Brazil

2nd Place: Croatia/Russia

Croatia worked hard to finally put an end to the hosts, in a quarterfinal where neither side gave up until the very end.

1st Place: Belgium/Brazil

Belgium scored two goals against a Brazil team that have not conceded multiple goals in a match since Dunga was fired as manager after having taken over from Scolari after the last World Cup. They are finally making good use of their player quality, although their back line will have to work on their discipline in order to beat France. Also, Eden Hazard should probably be benched. Anyhow, they are the biggest (in fact, the only) surprises coming out of the quarterfinals.

Golden Boot

After 5 of 7 games, Cristiano Ronaldo has been pushed off the top 3 spots. Cheryshev has taken the Bronze Boot spot by having played about 50-60 fewer minutes than Ronaldo. Since Russia will not be playing any more games, Ronaldo can no longer win the Bronze Boot.

Gold: Harry Kane

6 goals (2 against Tunisia, 3 against Panama, 1 against Colombia), 0 assists.

Silver: Romelu Lukaku

4 goals (2 against Panama, 2 against Tunisia), 1 assist.

Silver: Denis Cheryshev

4 goals (2 against Saudi Arabia, 1 against Egypt, 1 against Croatia), 0 assists, played fewer minutes than Ronaldo.

Biggest Upset

This Round: Belgium 2-1 Brazil

Full Tournament: South Korea 2-0 Germany

Team Grades

A+: (e.g. Brazil, 2017 Germany, 2013 Spain)

A: Belgium, France

A-: Croatia, England

B+: (e.g. Iran, Mexico, Switzerland)

B: (e.g. Senegal, Serbia, South Korea)

B-: (e.g. Greece, Japan, Tunisia)

C+: (e.g. Egypt, Panama, Saudi Arabia)

C: (e.g. Armenia, Guinea, Zambia)

C-: (e.g. Botswana, Latvia, Luxembourg)

D+: (e.g. Angola, Fiji, Sudan)

D: (e.g. Afghanistan, Barbados, Liechtenstein)

D-: (e.g. Malaysia, Singapore, South Sudan)

F: (e.g. Maldives, Pakistan, Seychelles)

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