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PSA: When Socialism and Trump Derangement Syndrome Collide

As a former political prisoner and human rights activist, I have learned to not jump into conclusions and always check sources.

I was recently sent this article, which claims that the videos of Iranian women’s grassroots campaign against mandatory hijab and the violation of their human rights is just a propaganda campaign by US military industrial complex and Israel against the Islamic Republic theocracy in Iran, because the aforementioned “monsters” hate the Islamic Republic. I had to read it a couple of times, and then I researched the author.

Unfortunately, the intention and claims were crystal clear and there were no room for misunderstanding. This has become a standard practice for most activist “journalists” on the left who suffer from Socialism and Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The “Rogue journalist, Bogan socialist, Anarcho-psychonaut, Guerilla poet, and Utopia prepper” (according to her Twitter account) and all-around integrity oozing journalist, Caitlin Johnstone, offers one reason for her horrible claim which insults all Iranian women fighting for their right to freedom:

A government memo that according to Politico, says the U.S. should use human rights as a club against its adversaries, like Iran, China and North Korea, and that “Allies should be treated differently — and better — than adversaries. Otherwise, we end up with more adversaries, and fewer allies.”

Here is what unadulterated socialism and TDS could do to a healthy adult brain if gone undiagnosed.

Let’s put aside that after Trump’s talks with the king of Saudi Arabia, the country has undergone massive reforms and is now considered a more free country for women than Iran.

But she offers this memo and the fact that Republicans are supportively sharing the videos of Iranian women fighting against hijab and oppression, is proof that this is all propaganda and we shouldn’t pay attention to these “monsters”, as if Republicans and hawks are the only ones sharing these videos.

As if anyone with an ounce of integrity and humanity wouldn’t support these women.

For some reason, socialism, if not digested in minimum doses under extreme capitalist supervision, will almost always end up leading you down a path where you find yourself supporting the most brutal and oppressive regimes on earth just to spite capitalism, and to support the violation of women’s rights, misogyny, and persecution, just because capitalists have condemned it.

Hatred of Trump and his supporters, and America and Israel in general, have consumed her conscience to such a degree that she would rather stand on the side of a horrifying apartheid regime than standing with its oppressed victims fighting for their rights. A regime that has in its record mass executions without trial, open and official Anti-Semitism as a policy, violating virgin female prisoners before executing them (because dead virgins go to heaven) annd much more. A regime that believes women are worth half the men in all aspects of life. A regime that imprisons, tortures, and kills its dissidents and all types of minorities without any hesitation. A regime with the highest rate of executions in the world.

She would sooner defend them than stand with their victims.

She hates Trump and his supporters, so It doesn’t matter to her that millions of Iranian women are fighting for their rights, risking their lives, and being arrested and beaten in the streets; or that “My Stealthy Freedom” campaign against mandatory hijab, has over a million supporters on Facebook and receives regular videos from Iranian women all over the country who take off their hijabs as they’re walking in the streets, many of whom get arrested soon after.

To her, it all means nothing if a Trump supporter has shared and supported it.

She hates Trump and Israel, and Trump and Israel have been supportive of Iranians’ fight against the oppressive Islamic regime (obviously for their own national interests), so by proxy, she hates Iranian women and dissidents who fight against the regime that Trump and Israel hate, and she ends up (on purpose or unknowingly) becoming a mouthpiece for the murderous predators of Islamic Republic.

The Islamic Republic’s minister of intelligence recently admitted on Iranian TV that they hire many journalists around the world to help them with propaganda and information.

I don’t know if she is being paid by these misogynistic butchers or not, but I certainly hope she would issue an apology to Iranian women and promise to forever stay away from any keyboard or piece of paper.

Siavash Safavi

Sia Sufi (Siavash Safavi, Civil Space Network) is a former student activist and political prisoner from Iran. He escaped the country in 2010, and lived in Turkey as a refugee until he arrived in Canada in 2013. He has a bachelor in English Literature, and has published and translated books, essays, articles, and written satires for several Iranian diaspora media and NGOs. In January 2017, he was named by the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guard as one of the 30 traitors to the country.

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