Michelle Rempel, MP for Calgary-Nosehill, shared a little sample of what women in parliament have to endure. She shared a screen shot of an email that requested “a piece of that booty” and was signed “Yours sincerely, Hardwood.”

Rempel tweeted ” My small team of staff, who often work long hours to review legislation and help constituents, are paid by taxpayers. They’re not paid to respond to requests like this, nor am I. You might think it’s cute or funny or nice, but it’s not something we want.”

In a follow-up tweet, Rempel said, “I’m a leader, and a servant of the community, not a piece of ass.”

While online harassment of women in politics is nothing new, it’s distressing to catch such a candid glimpse of it. Michelle Rempel reminded us today of what women all too often have to put up with.

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