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Prominent Canadian conservative still banned from Twitter

Prominent Canadian conservative still banned from Twitter 

A prominent conservative political commentator has been locked out of his Twitter account since Saturday, December 7th, 2019. Manny Montenegrino, known online as @manny_ottawa, is a beloved and wildly popular tweeter who has been sharing his takes on the Canadian political scene for more than 10 years. His Twitter bio stated, “Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth.”

The reason for his ban according to Montengrino is probably “hurt feelings.” The Post Millennial reached out to Manny who told us that he “felt compelled to correct the record and entered into a Twitter debate after a mischaracterization of him appeared in his feed. “In the Twitter debate I was civil and factual”, Manny said, “I looked up the Twitter policy and I didn’t violate any of their policies. I don’t post anything offensive, use foul language and I don’t post anything violating terms of Twitter.”

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