Progressives Are Finally Done With Hillary

Leading the way was Donna Brazile, who released a scathing indictment of Hillary in her upcoming book.

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It was a year next week that Hillary Clinton was the loser in the biggest political upset in American political history. In many respects, Hillary has spent the last year complaining about the outcome. Even Hillary’s most ardent supporters are fed up with her excuses.
Leading the way was Donna Brazile, who released a scathing indictment of Hillary in her upcoming book. Hillary still persists with her book tour though.

The book tour is the worst of the Clintons

Hillary Clinton’s tour for her book What Happened highlights the worst of Hillary alone and the Clintons together. The book is deceitful, doesn’t take responsibility for her own actions and the tour is an unnecessary cash grab. Matthew Walther, a columnist for the progressive website The Week have a first-hand account of the tour 
“Clinton still isn’t accepting “the legitimacy of the election,” as she put it. And why should she?”
The answer to this question is simple. She should accept the legitimacy of the election because it is the right thing to do. The sum of the evidence of Russian collusion to help Donald Trump were accounts which aimed to destabilize both sides, not elect Trump. The unproven Trump dossier was proven to be paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Yet, Hillary still complains about the legitimacy of the election.
During the election, Hillary and Donald Trump were asked if they would accept the results of the election. Trump said he wasn’t sure. Hillary’s campaign pilloried Trump for this response. Yet, Hillary still complains about the legitimacy of the election.
The cost of the tickets to watch Hillary complain about the election loss on her book tour are upwards of $600 at some venues. This cost is mind-blowing. The Clinton’s have a net worth in the hundreds of millions. Going on tour with such exorbitant ticket prices re-inforces the greedy reputation of the Clintons. They do not need the money.
It makes sense that progressives have grown weary of Hillary’s never-ending whining. She is like that friend who takes far too long to get over being dumped. Eventually, the complaining shows them to be shallow and self-centred.

Does she really think she can come back?

There aren’t many political candidates who have lost two runs for the presidency. Hillary did so despite being the favourite both times she ran. She lost the 2008 Democratic nomination to a junior Senator with a thin resume. After almost losing the 2016 Democratic nomination to a 74-year-old socialist who spent years in Congress as an independent she lost the general election to a bombastic, billionaire reality television star who has never held elected office. Yet, she might want to run for the presidency again?
As John Fund said in a post on National Review:
“Although she claims her days of running for office are over, some of her close friends say she hopes for a comeback. That’s precisely what many Democrats are privately horrified over. They know she was a terrible candidate who now refuses to acknowledge, much less learn from, her mistakes.”

That highlights the final aspect of the worst of the Clinton’s. They have an unending, insatiable thirst for political power. Most people would accept two soul-crushing losses in presidential runs as the end of their political career. Hillary is not most people. It appears that progressives are finally moving on from Hillary. After this book tour we can only hope she deservedly fades into oblivion.


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