Prime Minister refuses to pay back taxpayers $200K In Costs For Illegal trip

It seems like Justin Trudeau may get to sneak away scot-free from his illegal trip to the Agha Khan's private island.

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It seems like Justin Trudeau may get to sneak away scot-free from his illegal trip to the Agha Khan’s private island.

As earlier this week in Question Period, Andrew Scheer continued to demand that Justin Trudeau repay the cost of his trip to the Aga Khan’s private island, with no real results.

In fact, the Prime Minister actively responded that he will not repay the costs for the trip and that the attacks from Conservatives where more personal in nature.

This lack of real punishment is despite the fact he was found to have violated federal ethics rules by the Ethics Commissioner. 

The Prime Minister did not even receive a fine.

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  1. It is a disgrace that this miscreants of a Crime Minister refuses to repay this money whilst actively fighting to deny or restrict benefits to our veterans. He should leave question time to his junior ministers. He is more productive signing autographs for his groupies. PATHETIC.

  2. If I stole over 200,000.$’s from Canadians I would be jailed and charged with fraud and theft over two hundred thousand dollars; prison time as high as twenty five years ; which our corrupt Justin Trudeau pm should be charged with; not treated as been above the law

  3. In Law it is called a BREACH OF FIDUICARY DUTY. One can not profit from their position…a position of TRUST and a position where one HOLDS POWER OVER ANOTHER ( eg Beneficaries ) or tax payers, or subjects of Canada. NOTE- In Butterworth Law of torts…….A Gov’t can be considered a Fidicary and that a Special relationship exisits ( eg lawyer / client ). A gov;t should be held to a higher standard than a reason man should be held. Fiducairy Can NOT PROFIT FROM THEIR POSITIONS……AND THE ONE WHO BREACHES THEIR FIDUICARY DUTY TO ANOTHER —- MUST MAKE THAT OTHER PERSON * WHOLE* AGAIN — which means TRUDEAU HAS TO PAY BACK THE MONEY…TO MAKE THE TAX PAYERS WHOLE. i KNOW THIS LAW PRETTY GOOD, as I have my OWN (unreported) Caselaw on this ( and I won ) and Fraud was shown also. I have read lots on this subject……..and yes the GOV’T OWES THE PEOPLE OF CANADA A FIDUCIARY DUTY. Looks under caselaw that the Gov’t has a FIDUCARY DUTY TOWARD NATIVES…..well that duty does not end with just the natives….it is with everyone that is a beneficary of this so called Trusted position of the gov’t. NO SELF PROFIT, THEY MUST ACT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF WHO THEY ACT FOR …THE PEOPLE …..SO COME ON LAWYERS, AND OTHER PARTIES — TAKE THE TRUDEAU TO COURT ON BREACH OF FIDUCARY DUTY…………… can do !! It is that Special relationship that creates a FIDUCARY DUTY……Why am I TELLING THE MEDIA ABOUT THIS — THEY SHOULD KNOW !!!!!

    1. It is all so frustrating!!! The “powers that be” need to step up and demand that he is held to law, just like everyone else! Thank you for commenting. It was very informative.

  4. If he is not going to repay this . I hope it is on his Income tax return as a taxable benefit, He imposed that on the general public if we take a trip with a company we do business we are now taxed on it. This was in days gone by its was a reward for hard work.

  5. How can this injustice be allowed to happen? What will prevent them all from more illegal spending if there are no consequences? Can the people of Canada sue the government to get reimbursed for this theft of their money?

  6. I believe this man feels like he is above the law and can not be held accountable for his arrogant ways I believe he should step down, as a prime minister he should be the one setting an example not creating havoc amount the government

  7. Pay it back! The PM is the biggest egotistical, waste of skin ever seen in Canadian politics! Step down you piece of shit!

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