Justin Trudeau’s horrible autumn of 2017 keeps getting worse. Trudeau has spent weeks dealing with the myriad of ethical lapses by Finance Minister Bill Morneau. The latest headache for our struggling Prime Minister comes from Governor General Julie Payette.

Should a Governor General be a Smug Liberal?

The smug liberal problem is intuitively easy to understand. Progressives are so set in their beliefs that anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs is somehow a lesser human being, deserves to be mocked and made fun of. The smugness uses appeals to ‘science’ as a way of belittling people who oppose their ideology.

The role of Governor-General is primarily symbolic. Julie Payette’s job is to carry out most of Queen Elizabeth II’s constitutional and ceremonial duties in Canada. Payette should not be political in this role. Payette absolutely should not use her vice-regal role as a platform for belittling large segments of Canadian society. Payette did both thanks and put her smug liberalism on display for all Canadians to see.

Julie Payette gave a speech on Wednesday to the Canadian Science Policy Centre. In the most condescending way, possible Payette attacked people who don’t share her viewpoint climate change, date to believe in astrology and, most offensively, attacked people of faith. As reported by Chris Selley in National Post, Payette mocked people of faith when she said:

“we are still debating and still questioning whether life was a divine intervention or whether it was coming out of a natural process let alone, oh my goodness, a random process”

The vast majority of Canadians, approximately 2/3rds according to Angus Reid, believe in God. It makes sense that some smug liberals will mock them for their beliefs. It’s childish and classless, but nobody said progressives had any class. The problem with Payette’s comments is twofold.

Progressives continually bray to treat all people with respect, but only if you share their views. A governor general shouldn’t be mocking anyone. That arrogance and smugness have to change. The bigger problem with Payette’s speech is that she felt comfortable in making fun of people of faith.

Justin is the source of the problem

Trudeau’s response to the issue is especially problematic. He responded to the issue as if Payette hadn’t attacked the majority of Canadians who are people of faith. He applauded the “strength” of Payette’s conviction and affirmed stated his belief that science is the “foundation” of a successful society.

Justin’s actions in her speech symbolize everything that is wrong with this government. Justin’s response was flippant. There is nothing to be applauded for making fun of people of faith. The Liberals compounded Trudeau’s mistake when Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Trudeau’s senior political advisor, Gerald Butts, joined the chorus in applauding Payette’s speech.

A good politician would have the political instincts to understand that Payette’s comments were dismissive and demeaning. Justin’s reaction showed how vapid his ‘sunny ways’ persona really is and why the Liberals have fallen so precipitously in the polls this fall. Unless Trudeau grows up and starts treating people who don’t share his ideology with respect he will be one and done as prime minister.


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