As Calgary approaches its almost two-week-long Pride festival, the city has inaugurated plans to paint a Pride and Trans Pride flag on one of its busiest roads.

The company Zoom Painting will be handling the project promising to keep the paint pretty and pampered for up to ten years.

Although an intersection with a high pedestrian count, there are few construction disruptions, making it ideal for the familiar symbol of diversity and inclusion. 

A celebration of the crosswalk’s painting is set to be held July 22. Calgary Pride has planned speeches and the arrival of a DJ. 

“We are pleased to share that local businesses provided glowing messages of support, hugs, high fives, and messages of “well, it’s about time!” in support of these colourful landmarks soon to brighten their doorsteps,” Calgary Pride explained in a news release.   

“[B]usinesses with cultures of respect, that embrace and support gender diversity, are at the forefront of talent acquisition and retention.”

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Trans Pride flag. It was invented two decades after Gilbert Baker’s more general Pride banner as an attempt by Monica Helms to create a specific flag for the trans community.