Previewing Day 1 of the FIFA World Cup

Russia and Saudi Arabia will kick of their campaigns at 11 am (Eastern Time)

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The 21st FIFA World Cup is hosted by Russia.

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The world’s biggest sporting event begins tomorrow as home team Russia takes the stage against Saudi Arabia.


11:00 am Eastern Time

Russia could not have possibly picked a better opponent against whom to kick off their first ever home campaign. This will be their first time hosting a major A-team international soccer tournament.

Although Russia is the lowest ranked team at the World Cup (70th) according to the FIFA Rankings, Saudi Arabia has the second lowest ranking (67th) at this tournament. Anything other than a win would be a disastrous start for Russia.

Russia does have the potential to escape this group, but if Saudi Arabia wins, then Egypt will become the favourites to finish 2nd in this group. Both Uruguayan and Egyptian fans should be cheering for Saudi Arabia tomorrow.


Russians: 69.0%

Draw: 21.6%

Saudis: 9.4%




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