Premier Wall says ’60s Scoop apology ready; no decision on compensation


REGINA — Premier Brad Wall says the organization representing Saskatchewan First Nations has requested financial compensation be tied to an apology to victims of the ’60s Scoop.

Wall won’t say how much the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations is asking for in compensation.

Saskatchewan radio station MBC reported last month that federation Chief Bobby Cameron said he would be seeking the same settlement — or at least half of — a federal promise of up to $800 million for victims.

Wall says that’s not something the government’s going to be doing.

The premier says the province has been working for a long time on an apology at a location and time chosen by the federation and the Metis Nation.

He says he still thinks there can be an apology without money.

The FSIN could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday.

Wall announced two years ago that an apology would be coming for the decades−old policy whereby Indigenous children were taken from their homes and placed with non−Indigenous families — a practice that stripped the children of their language, culture and traditions.

He said at the time that the province did not intend to offer cash to the victims.


The Canadian Press


  1. Will the request for money from the first nations never end./ What do they do without it all? They must have it all stashed off shore. Good to hear someone finally said no to them. Good luck with that. This scoop business. Why were the kids taken, is it because the single mothers or parents were deemed incapabele of raising the kids for whatever reason? If so, then they should be paying us. Years of spineless politicians acquiesing to the demands of the poor , downtrodden natives. Millions, billions handed over. And mining companys paying them huge royalties, and they cannot even get clean water to most of the shanties. That Senator who was villified for suggesting that they close reserves and just assuimmilate into cities, actually had a point, in my view.


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