The Premier should stop using Ontario’s citizen and its financial balance as pawns

It's time the residents of Ontario stopped believing everything they were promised by Liberals, and more importantly, it is time for Kathleen Wynne to stop using Ontario’s finances and her people as pawns in her battle for re-election.

Kathleen Wynne

Ontario’s premier is double-doubling down on her criticism of Tim Hortons franchisees who cut worker benefits amid the province’s minimum wage hike, saying a couple that own a trio of coffee shops east of Toronto shouldn’t use employees as pawns to push back against her government’s actions. – Financial Post

Premier Kathleen Wynne continued her attack against Ontario’s business owners, this time by portraying them as evil masterminds, hell-bent on using hapless employees to better their own lives. That’s a deeply negative image to paint of all Ontario’s entrepreneurs and business owners- and one has to wonder why Kathleen Wynne is doing so.

Outside of attacking the Ontario business community, she has also set up a pharmacare scheme for those below 25, pushed through the largest minimum wage increases in the history of the province, and increased red tape on job creators.

These choices are made strategically and designed for impact. The promises made allow for the Liberal party to create a narrative around class and identity politics, in which the treasury and fiscal health of the province, and its people are used as pawns in Kathleen Wynne’s bid for re-election.

Already we have seen the response from the Liberals when it comes to 60,000 Ontario citizens who will be losing their jobs as a result of the rapid increases in wages. Those victims of Liberal politicking are considered “anecdotes”.

This style of governance is a problem for Ontario for two reasons:

If Kathleen Wynne is elected she will be forced to actually move forward with her large list of crazy, expensive ideas- undoubtedly burdening the province’s books for years to come.

If she is not elected, the language she is using will create an environment that is harsh and bitter, one where individuals question why they didn’t get their promised goody bags from the government.

It is extremely difficult to see how any government could provide all of the things the Liberals have promised. In fact, it’s a safe bet that the provincial Liberals, like their federal counterparts, would fail to deliver.

The Wynne Liberals have shown that they can and will repeatedly promise anything when it seems advantageous to their political outlook. During the 2014 election to steal NDP voters, Wynne even promised to lower insurance rates for Ontario’s drivers by 15%- something that never happened.

Neither did her promise to balance Ontario’s budget by the next election, or to keep minimum wage increases linked to inflation and predictable.

We already know that the Liberal party in Ontario is willing to break the law to cling to power. After all, it was only yesterday we learned the Chief of Staff to ex-premier Dalton McGuinty has been found guilty of deleting documents in an effort to dishonestly protect the Liberal government from the fallout of scrapping two power plants at public expense before an election.

It’s time the residents of Ontario stopped believing everything they were promised by Liberals, and more importantly, it is time for Kathleen Wynne to stop using Ontario’s finances and her people as pawns in her battle for re-election.


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  1. The Liberals will lie to everyone…problem is, there’s so many fools out there that fall for the huge lies and ongoing deceit, that the Liberals just might get in again come next election…because there are too many uneducated idiots in our once great province.

  2. P.S. There’s nothing in any labor laws anywhere in Canada, that states ANY company must provide paid breaks to workers…so the union ASSHOLES picketing Tim Horton’s should mind their own business! The Liberals brought this on…not Timmies!

  3. Unions will do anything to try and keep there jobs.But the sad part of all this costing jobs in Ontario.Take Hamilton Ontario it’s because of union demands that Stelco no longer exists.Plus many other business’s in Hamilton.It used to be an industrial city but not anymore.

    1. Think again . Us steel purchased a Canadian us steel company as a way to get rid of competition. Thank god for the courts from preventing the break up of the plants.

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