A new Global News investigation has found the Darlington nuclear refurbishment – that is two and a half years behind schedule and currently on pause –  could cost Ontarians as much as $500 million, roughly four-times the initial estimate, when finally complete.

Ontario Power Generation – the provincially-owned company managing the project – says it has already terminated one contractor from the job – Black & McDonald – due to “unsatisfactory” work. While the company says a second contractor – the joint-venture between SNC-Lavalin and Aecon – was recently put on notice because of its unacceptable performance on the job.

Although these costs are extremely stark that is not where I would like to focus n this article. Rather I’d like to focus on the repeated mishandling of energy projects in Ontario under the hands of Kathleen Wynne’s government.

Ontario Gas Scandal

Outside of this massive cost, there is also the Ontario power plant scandal where the Liberals decided to cancel the construction of two natural gas power plants: one in Mississauga and another in Oakville. The Mississauga cancellation was made as a late campaign promise in the 2011 general election.

From immediately following the election until March 18, 2013, the Liberal government stated that the cost of the cancellations was $230 million — $190 million for the Mississauga plant and $40 million for the Oakville plant. A final report by the Auditor General of Ontario that was released on October 8, 2013, found the total cost of the cancellations was at least $950 Million.

Benefit Citizens now by Crippling Citizens Later

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s controversial 25 per cent hydro rate cut which will kick in July 1 is another example of bad management. Due to mishandlings, the cost of energy in Ontario is extremely high. As a result, the premier offered to cut the cost of current citizens by 25%, but this plan has a serious bill associated with it.

The province’s independent Financial Accountability Office issued a report in May that found the government’s “Fair Hydro Plan” will cost the province $45 billion over the next 29 years while saving ratepayers $24 billion, for a net expense of $21 billion.

This would be higher costs given to future citizens at a time when Canada is getting older. Meaning the average capability to pay, and the average need to pay will only increase with time.

Sadly it seems like the Wynne government has no worries about these issues or these wastes.

A friend of mine who is, in fact, a supporter Liberal explained to me their thinking, he said: “they are pragmatists aiming to please the masses.”

At that time my friend found this to be positive.

Sitting here as a taxpayer I find this to be worrying, as it shows the Liberals hold no principles and in many ways have no plan. Instead, they are simply doing what will get them elected with no real way to fix Ontario’s ever growing list of problems.


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