A new poll released by Campaign Research today shows that the Progressive Conservative party of Ontario may still be in a very dominant position even after losing its previous leader.

The PCs widened their lead over the OLP and are currently in a position to form a majority government. The PCs are now at 43%, while the OLP sits at 28%. The Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP) continues to trail, captivating only 20% of decided voters.

Perhaps most interesting though is the extreme closeness between Doug Ford, Christian Elliot, and Caroline Mulroney.

As all three Candidates share extremely similar approval ratings within the PC party.

Given the extreme closeness in support, it seems that choosing a leader will not affect who will vote for the Conservative party as they are already projected to grab most of their voters and could form a majority based on just that.

Instead, the leading candidate seems like the deciding factor for NDP voters who will need to pick if they will vote NDP or Liberal.

What is your view of the Ontario election? Share it with us below!



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