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Political Correctness: The Enemy of Free Speech

When a person is politically correct, they avoid “language or behavior that any particular group of people might feel is unkind or offensive.” While political correctness can be reasonable in opposing offensive words, it becomes the enemy of free speech when it does not allow for ideological diversity.

Politically correctness is rooted in binary thinking that divides society into groups: oppressor vs oppressed, advantaged vs disadvantaged, privileged vs underprivileged, and so on. When the world is viewed through this binary lens, any speech that portrays an “oppressed” group in a negative light is considered a violation. The person with a politically “incorrect” viewpoint is seen as taking the side of the “oppressor.”

To those who are politically correct, oppressor groups often include white people, white males, the rich, conservatives, and pro-life Christians. Free speech is welcomed when these groups are criticized. However, any criticism of an oppressed group (or member of that group) is not tolerated, even if it is true. Disagreement is conflated with hatred.

Political correctness is reasonable when it treats minority groups with dignity and respect. On both sides of the political spectrum, there is agreement that certain words used in the past are no longer appropriate today. For instance, we no longer call an indigenous person an “Indian”, a mentally-ill person a “lunatic” or a disabled person a “cripple.”

Political correctness is also reasonable in opposing racist language. Roseanne Barr, in a racist tweet, compared Valerie Jarrett, an African-American woman, to the offspring of an ape. Barr may have been exercising her right to free speech, but people also have the right to respond to her speech. No one should tolerate racist insults.

The problem with political correctness is not in opposing offensive words, but rather in trying to silence different worldviews, especially Christian and conservative beliefs. When political correctness seeks ideological conformity, it becomes a form of tyranny.

Its primary strategy to achieve conformity is through public shaming. For example, if someone criticizes the teachings of Islam, they are labelled an Islamophobe or a racist. The shame of being stigmatized pressures many people into silence, resulting in politically correct viewpoints becoming the norm in public discourse.

A second tactic of political correctness to silence other viewpoints is by being triggered.  In many American Universities, certain beliefs that “trigger” a negative emotional response are considered microaggressions. At the University of Minnesota, saying “I believe the most qualified person should get the job” is considered an act of aggression to a non-white person. To the political correct mind, ideas that trigger negative emotions must be eliminated.

A final tactic of political correctness to restrict free speech is protesting. In the United States, when a conservative speaker is invited to a University, students have often protested until the speaker is disinvited. Rather than allowing for public debate and discussion, the politically correct “mob” tries to silence anyone they disagree with.

Whether politically correct or incorrect, left wing or right wing, no one has a monopoly on the truth. Unfortunately, those who are politically correct can be so convinced their point of view is right that they feel morally justified in silencing other views by any means possible.

The only way to discover the truth is to consider all sides of an issue: both left and right. However, when political correctness succeeds in silencing opposing viewpoints, the truth can often be lost. People who possess the truth are deprived of the right to speak, and others are deprived of the right to hear.

For good or ill, political correctness is a means of social control. In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, the state controls how people think through Newspeak: the elimination of words that are considered harmful. Similarly, political correctness controls how people think by eliminating both words and ideas from public discourse. Hence, it is a means of thought control.

The chief error of political correctness is that if an idea is offensive to someone, it must be wrong. In reality, when people believe something that is false, the truth can sometimes offend them. The only way to combat political correctness is by exercising one’s right to free speech. In the marketplace of ideas, the truth—if it is not silenced—will eventually defeat falsehood.

Christopher Lindsay

Christopher Lindsay lives in British Columbia. He is the author of The Donkey King and Other Stories. Available on Amazon.


  • Thank you for this article, Christopher! In a nut shell, yes, this is political correctness.

    • Thank you, Elena! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      "Political correctness is tyranny with manners." Charlton Heston

  • Good writing. Makes me think in many different directions. One direction is the irony of how Indigenous of Canada have seemed to have voted out the word Indian. Now East Indians are dropping the East and going more and more by the title or what ever you want to call it of "Indian" Pretty sad in some ways for Canadian Heritage in my opinion.

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