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Police remain stymied a month after bombing

On Sunday, it will be a month since two men (or one man and one woman) walked into a Mississauga, Ont. restaurant and blew the place up with an Improvised Explosive Device.

No one was killed, but 15 people (aged 23 to 69) were injured and two suspects walked out of the place never to be seen again.

Police haven’t found out much since. Or maybe, they just haven’t told us much of what they may know. They haven’t even determined whether both suspects were male or if one of them was female.

Police also have no motive, but they insist it’s not terrorism.

The police released a new video on May 29, but still, have no real clues.

It’s hard to believe that two men (or one man and one woman) can walk into a restaurant in a southern Ontario city on a Thursday night, blow the place up and disappear.

It’s also hard to believe police haven’t determined a motive or the gender of the suspects, especially since they have the video.

Shortly after the blast, Peel Police Chief Jennifer Evans said every resource was going to be used to apprehend the bombers. But it just hasn’t happened yet.

So… there are two bombers out there roaming the countryside and we don’t know where they are.

Are we supposed to pretend nothing happened and all of this will just go away?

So what’s the catch on the investigation?

The police have the video of the suspects at the restaurant. They also have a video of the route the bombers took after the blast.

So why can they not find the suspects?

Police released the suspects’ descriptions.

The first suspect is described as about 5’10” to 6’ in height and of a “stocky build” and seen wearing dark pants, a dark coloured hoodie pulled over his or her head, and baseball cap with “dark material” covering his or her face.

The second suspect is described as 5’ 1” to 6’ in height and of a medium build and seen in blue jeans, and a dark hoodie pulled over his or her head with “dark material” also covering his or her face.

The explosion took place while two birthday parties were being celebrated inside the popular Indian restaurant. Police said that around 40 people were on scene at the time and that 15 were injured.

Subsequently, all the injured were released from the hospital.

“When we first had the incident happen, we had a number of agencies’ we looked to provide us with information. Our intelligence unit was on scene that night; they liaised with other agencies around the GTA and province and gave them what they had by way of details,” Peel Police Superintendent Rob Ryan said. “We don’t have any messages during the incident, before the incident from these individuals, no conversation that we are aware of.”

“That’s why we’re are saying at this point that we have nothing to suggest it was terrorism or a hate crime.”

But the CBC reported that the homemade bomb used in the blast contained nails.

CBC talked to Rafael Conceicao, a student from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who was on the patio of a restaurant close to the Bombay Bhel, when he heard the explosion and rushed to help.

“Everything was destroyed. Lots of blood in the floor. Many people were screaming. They were trying to run out from the restaurant. There was a guy with glass inside his eyes.”

The restaurant’s owner, Manmohan Singh Nagpal, and his nephew were at the restaurant at the time of the explosion. Nagpal’s son-in-law, Ilija Vasic, said the restaurant is like a family home.

“Their motto has always been treat every visitor like family,” Vasic said. “Every time a visitor walks into the restaurant, they are walking into our house.”

Evans has said there is no indication that the explosion was a terrorist act or a hate crime. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said there appeared to be no “nexus to national security” connected to the incident, but that investigators have not ruled anything out.

That’s just it. Nothing has been ruled out. So why are Evans and Goodale so quick to say there’s no indication this was a form of terrorism?

Maybe, somebody better tell us what really happened there. If it wasn’t a terrorist attack, what was the motive? If it wasn’t a hate crime, what was it?

There are too many unanswered questions a month after this incident took place. It’s time police started coming up with some real answers before these two suspects attempt to blow another restaurant up.

Jeff Wilkinson

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