Police Remain in the Dark About Mississauga Bombing Suspects

The latest twist in the Mississauga bombing case is that police are now saying one of the two suspects in the bombing could have been a woman. But they really don’t know. They really don’t know a whole lot about the case.

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Security footage showing the two suspects entering the restaurant
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Was it two men who walked into a Mississauga restaurant last week and blew the place to bits? Or was it a man and a woman? Maybe it was Batman and Robin. After all, the suspects were wearing hoodies pulled over their faces.

The latest twist in the Mississauga bombing case is that police are now saying one of the two suspects in the bombing could have been a woman. But they really don’t know. They really don’t know a whole lot about the case.

Peel Region Police Supt. Rob Ryan said at a news conference Tuesday that while police initially thought that both suspects were men, they are looking into the possibility that one of the bombers was a female.

“There’s nothing specific in that photograph [of the suspects that has been released]. There’s evidence that’s come into light through witnesses and some other video that leads investigators to believe that it just may not be a male,” Ryan said. “I don’t want to say that it is a woman; we’re just not precluding that it may be a woman.”

What police did say was that it was an improvised explosive device (IED) that caused the explosion that injured 15 people.

“Whatever was put in that may be lying around the home,” Ryan said. “we’re hoping science can help identify what it’s made of.”

Ilija Vasic, son-in-law to Bombay Bhel owner Mohan Nagpal, confirmed on Saturday that his father-in-law was meeting with police, but said that the family still has no idea why their business was targeted.

So we don’t know a motive. We don’t know whether the suspects are male or female. So what do we know?

Forensic teams have finished processing the areas outside the Bombay Bhel restaurant but forensic work inside continues.

Meanwhile, despite their bafflement over the attack, Vasic told CBC Toronto that the Nagpal family is hoping to reopen the restaurant within a few days.

Police say they have no inkling what motivated the two suspects, and the push to identify them continues.

Surveillance images of the two suspects have been released, and officers are asking for anyone who may have information to come forward.

But if the police have little to go on and if the cannot determine whether they are looking for two men or a man and a woman, what can the public do to help?

Surveillance video taken from the scene has provided little help in the investigation so far.

But police need to get this figured out. A Toronto Star story last Saturday indicated tensions are rising in the South Asian community in Toronto because of the bombing.

“Wild speculation over possible motivations for Thursday’s bomb blast at a popular Indian restaurant in Mississauga has exacerbated tensions within local South Asian communities,” The Toronto Star’s report from Mitch Potter and Jenna Moon says. “As police continued their manhunt Saturday for two suspects behind the audacious late-night attack, which injured 15 people at a Bombay Bhel restaurant, media and online commenters suggested a multiplicity of causes, from white supremacy to Islamic terror to Sikh nationalism.”

There’s no doubt police are working night and day to try and solve this case. Now, they are even under more pressure to come up with the reasons as to why this happened and who did it. People in the city are demanding answers. Hopefully, police will come up with some.

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  1. Are these guys actually incompetent or just playing incompetent ??
    There is no security footage from any other business in the area showing where these people were coming from ??
    People can just walk around Mississauga with their faces covered toting a bomb, and nobody notices ??

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