New sources obtained by Global News reveal that RCMP handlers working under the Trudeau government were vetting The Bahamas as a vacation spot for the PM a full nine months prior to the 2016 Christmas vacation that caused Trudeau so much trouble.

“The document, in combination with other information published by parliament’s ethic commissioner late in 2017, establishes that the planning for Trudeau’s trip to The Bahamas island owned by the Aga Khan appears to have started earlier than previously thought, a finding which raises, yet again, questions about the judgment of senior political and bureaucratic aides serving the prime minister,” said David Akin of Global News.

Trudeau’s acceptance of the gift of a free vacation on a private Bahamas island and free travel in a “non-government aircraft” make Trudeau the first prime minister to ever break a federal law while in office.

“I am not surprised that more information is coming forward on Prime Minister Trudeau’s trip to billionaire island,” said Charlie Angus, the NDP MP from the Ontario riding of Timmins–James Bay

“This was the first inkling we had of a leader who would not give a straight answer about clear breaches of his ethical obligations. Many people wrote it off to a lack of experience. We now know it was rooted in a much deeper problem—that Justin Trudeau simply doesn’t believe that the rule of law applies to him.”

Trudeau has seen better days, with the current optics being poor for the PM. With the SNC-Lavalin affair still close in the rearview mirror, and eyes still on his every move since the expulsion of two members from the Liberal caucus, and now being criticized for threatening to sue the leader of the Opposition, Trudeau will likely be trying to play his cards a bit more carefully until the federal election in October.