Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Shreds Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

President Duterte rips Prime Minister Trudeau a new one after Trudeau comments on Philippine's human rights record.

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Today, Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte laid into the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Trudeau’s delay in a mutually beneficial transaction where Canada would be sending 16 helicopters to the Philippines in exchange for a $233 million-dollar deal.

Trudeau, who is stopping the deal from moving forward, is said to be criticizing the Filipino President for his record on human rights.  

Clamping Down

Duterte, is known to lead and maintain the peace in the Philippines with an iron fist, and is unapologetic in his trajectory to ensure the safety of his home country.  This includes: clamping down on recreational drug-users, sympathizers for the communist insurgency, and radical Islamic militants in the Philippines.

In 2016, CNN reported that between July 1 to December 12, nearly 6,000 people were killed over the war on drugs in the Philippines.  

Back in February of 2018, the Philippines President can be cited as saying that he encourages the killing of communists, charging nearly $500 dollars per insurgent killed.  In this case, Duterte claimed that killing communists was easier than killing birds, because communists have bigger heads.

In between 2016 and 2018, President Duterte was in the midst of fighting an ideological battle with ISIS.  I personally do not think that ISIS, nor the Filipino Supreme Court, expected the President to react so strongly as he applied martial law over the southern Philippines city of Marawi.  Duterte and his army did not hold back to reclaim the city after ISIS sympathizers planted the signature ISIS black flag in the city, killed nineteen civilians, and held fourteen people from a church hostage.

Commenting on his actions, the President said:

“Until the police and the armed forces say the Philippines is safe, this martial law will continue.  I will not listen to others. The Supreme Court, congress, they are not here. Are they the ones dying and losing blood, bleeding, haemorrhaging because there is no help, no reinforcement? It’s not them.”

Refusing to Back Down

In today’s situation, when expressing himself on the Prime Minister’s issue with Philippine’s human rights record, President Duterte destroyed Trudeau, sharing:

“[T]hey are out to overthrow my government. If you cannot understand, you should not be there in that mighty post of yours because you do not know the history of the world and geopolitics.”

This would not be the first time the Filipino President is in dispute with the Canadian leader.  Last year, Duterte told Prime Minister Trudeau that he only answers to his community, not to any other bulls*** and especially not to foreigners who should lay off.  


In a world filled with political correctness, it seems as though President Duterte just does not care about pandering or appeasing the broader global community.  The Filipino leader cares about number one: the Philippines, the safety and security of his people, and clearly, he works to ensure that there are no radical elements that have pervaded the government or the Filipino society.  

Is President Duterte perfect?  Definitely not.  Myself nor any rational person can defend Duterte’s abhorrent crimes against humanity.  He has certainly been subject to a substantial amount of criticism, and he really is a perpetrator of human rights, however, he is taking charge of a country that, evidently, has fallen under violent and existential circumstances that are, ultimately, detrimental to the foundations of the freedom of the Filipino state.  Duterte, therefore, definitely needs to cool it with the unnecessary massacres of petty, non-violent, and low-level criminals, but absolutely needs to enforce the will of traditional Filipino values, keeping an airtight lid on grave criminal activity, communism, and especially, ISIS before radicalism and anarchy take over his nation.

More on this to come.  Keep up with us at The Post Millennial.


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  1. Wow… So that’s the extent people go to now to criticize their political opponents. If you’re a Canadian, regardless of who you vote for, you are defending the actions of duterte. Never seen such a moral reletivism and partisan bs… Yes his nation has issues with drugs, Isis supportive groups and a variety of other issues. However he is literally promoting killings of his own people by their own people. That isn’t protecting his nation that’s allowing vindictive justice. We know for a fact this has resulted in innocent deaths. The hilarity is you are defending the exact same thing Stalin did with his detractors as “protecting his government and nation”. Thats not political correctness that’s hypocrisy and utter distaste for a moral standard. Oh btw if you don’t believe me exchange Filipino with soviet in much of this article and the argument falls the same conclusion. I wouldn’t see you line up to defend Stalin but nahhhhh duterte is criticizing your political opponent so cool bro right

  2. My standard response applies as usual. Trudeau should shut his stupid mouth about human rights abuses anywhere else in the world until he has fixed the situations in his own country.

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