Petition on ISIS Returnees in Canada

A petition urging the Canadian government to take action in regards to ISIS returnees in Canada.


There are dozens of ISIS returnees in Canada and sadly nothing is being done. Host William Broek discusses this issue in the video above.

The globe and mail article he refers to can be found here. In this article, a man who was a member of the morality police for 6 months is interviewed. 

William used the following article to estimate the number of ISIS returnees.

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  1. yes i’m worried about isis not because they are soldiers but that they are cowards killing innocent people BUT I’m MORE worried about the CLOWN running our COUNTRY and letting theses cowards back into our COUNTRY to possibly conduct terrorist acts on innocent people trying to live in peace .IF anything we need to RID ourselves of TRUDEAU. And hey who knows maybe peckerhead will give these cowards a pay out like he did to OMAR the MURDERER of a USA doctor and a terrorist coward

  2. The first Canadian blood shed by an ISIS returnee..!!!!
    Fkng Turdhole goes to jail…!!!
    As the responsibility is his alone…!!!!!

  3. ya right trudue will offer him 10,000,000 for doing it this liberal government is a joke and everyone else cause there is no resistance to this government what so ever just turn a blind eye keep going till something real big happens then its to late this government is turning Canada into a muslim state country makk my words our freedom of speech is almost finished if trudeau get’s his way

  4. If there’s any doubt the PM is an islamic enabler and convert have a read. Did you know Jihadi Justin recited the shahada in a mosque on his knees before two imams? It’s a fact. Did you know he goes into mosques every now and then and won’t discuss what went on? Some of them are on watch lists. Did you know he gave the Middle East countries over a billion this year? Did you know he gives funding to mosques? Did you ever wonder why no muslims are getting charged with hate speech? Extremist literature in islamic schools? Did you know he won’t revoke citizenship to terrorists? He said so.

  5. We can Protest all we want, but it won’t change a damn thing. We are going to be left with only 2 choices 1. Either except it or 2. take up Arms against our Government. I myself will take the Latter, now I know this seems extreme but when pushed I will push back by what ever means necessary. I will not allow this Country to fall to Terrorists or a Dictator.

William Broek

Will is a university student, powerlifter, and Conservative commentator. He strives to produce content that engages readers.
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