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PC MP Pierre Poilievre Throws Shade at the Prime Minister

This NAFTA situation has been getting out of hand.

While Prime Minister Trudeau was essentially alienating Canada from any sort of negotiations in the NAFTA deal, the U.S. and Mexico have almost established a firm agreement.  Without Canada.

Andrew Scheer, Federal opposition Leader for the Conservative Party subsequently tweeted:

American President Donald Trump is ready to move forward with the deal, announcing on Monday that he would levy additional taxes on Canada.

When Canada finally was ready to sit down at the bargaining table, yesterday, the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland arrived late to her meeting in Washington D.C., with close Trump advisor Jared Kushner.

With supply management amongst other significant tax-related negotiations in the balance, the Canadian government still needs to get its act together.

Just a few days ago, Pierre Poilievre, Member of Parliament for Carleton, and Senior Finance critic for the shadow cabinet, threw some serious shade at Trudeau for his inaction.

Take a look at the tweet here:

I’m glad Trudeau’s administration finally woke up after this zinger.  But why is it that it takes a shadow government to get the leadership to wake up?  Is this what Canadian leadership has come to?  Having the government’s official Opposition take the reins?  Why didn’t Canadians just elect the Conservatives in the first place instead of the Liberals if this is what the story was going to be?

Some Conservatives are on the sidelines, sweating only from the heated controversy between Scheer and Bernier.  But, on the other hand, a larger number of official Opposition Party constituents are fully supportive of the Conservative Party’s tactics.  It demonstrates just how badly Scheer’s Conservatives want Canada to have a proper and professional reputation on the world stage (not to say that the other parties do not want this).

With what are supposedly positive developments in the negotiations, we can only hope that Canadians can achieve greatness from their leadership.  The government can simply not tolerate nor afford job losses, and driving any type of wedge between themselves and the people is not in their best interests either, particularly since the people are already generally upset with Trudeau.

More on NAFTA, here at The Post Millennial.


  • With Canadians like Scheer and the Post Millennial trying to sabotage Canada's efforts to negotiate, who needs enemies? The American negotiating team hears all of this dissent and assumes the people don't support their government.

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