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With Patrick Brown gone, what happens next?

With the resignation of Patrick Brown as leader of the Progressive Conservative party of Ontario, the province’s political balance has been thrown into disarray.

Individuals province-wide have started to gossip about who will become the new party leader, as well as their odds going into an election which is only 5 months away.

Following Rules

According to the PC Party’s own guidelines, an interim leader will be chosen by the caucus, however, an official vote must also be taken to permanently select a final leader within the next 18 months. That interim leader can run for leadership, and there are no rules on the length of the leadership race, so long as it is logistically possible to follow through with.

This means the party could pick an interim leader, run the general election, and then run an election for party leadership with the interim leader running as well. In the alternative, the party could attempt to select an interim leader and run an extremely fast 1-2 month leadership race.

The timing of this precarious scenario is extremely constrained. The Progressive Conservatives in Ontario are projected to form a majority government, and that popular support makes the selected leader far more important.

Anyone who is not a media darling will be attacked relentlessly, and those who closely match the Brown legacy will be ravaged.

In reality, the PC’s have two choices.

Choose a candidate so spectacular that they can pull the party away from this PR-disaster, or, pick a leader who is so well supported by the massive 130,000 PC membership that they can ensure a small loss of support and a hopeful minority victory.

The party may have a candidate who already exceeds those requirements.

A private party Insider commented on this situation that “for the Party, Caroline is the only exit strategy out of this mess”

That insider is referring to Caroline Mulroney, a Harvard graduate who studied law at NYU before working in finance for 20 years, while simultaneously starting a charity on the side—all the while helping to raise four children. She is also the daughter of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the candidate for the Progressive Conservatives in York-Simcoe.

Her resume, combined with her family’s roots could be the answer. The media would quickly abandon most attacks and the PC brand would remain with one of the few Conservatives in the province whose name is actually known by voters. Caroline is free from political scandals, maintains a powerful and known name, and has the career experience to show she can both handle the provinces finances and political institutions.

Now while these aspects may be good and at first may charm you, there also does remain a large problem. Caroline Mulrooney has not served as an MP yet, and the truth is the party only has a few months until the election.

The Liberals could if they wanted to drop the writ know, and almost destroy the party.

That means anyone picked needs to have a keen understanding of not only the Conservative party but their entire plan, and how they can execute it.

This is why a second source has put forward Victor Fedeli as the more likely and safer option, given the circumstances the party has found itself in.

Fideli is a politician with a track sheet of experience, a philanthropist and also scandal-free. He ran for the leadership in 2014 but withdrew his candidacy in support of Christian Elliot.

He is not the exciting candidate, but that may not be what the party needs.

The people of Ontario are not searching for the Messiah, they are not even searching for the anti-Wynne. They are searching for anybody sane and safe but Wynne.

Who will be picked? What is your opinion on this? Share with us below!


  • Vic Fedeli is the obvious choice,His one drawback is his honesty a rare commodity in a politician...Needs to bring forth a strictly conservative platform...

  • With all the work that Sheila Jones has done within the party, I feel she would be a good candidate for the leadership role.
    Her years in the party do great work along with vibrant personality could go a long way in defeating Wynne and her liberal party.
    Can only hope that this situation does not cost the election.

  • It is not only about the right person. It is about your weak platform. Axe the carbon tax crap. Get recall legislation and democratic reform as pillars . If you are too weak to break new ground then you will fail no matter who you pick as leader. People are sick of corrupt politicians who think they know better.. Sad

    • Just posted this reply to Vic Fedeli on his Facebook post.

      "Victor Fedeli - Statement on PC Leadership

      I will step forward for any leadership position caucus or the Party asks me to fill, and yes, that includes leading our strong PC team into the upcoming election.

      The PC Party Executive is meeting later today to establish the process for determining the new leader and we'll know more at that time.

      This much is clear - we need change to root out political corruption that has flourished under this Liberal government.


      You would be a superior choice for interim Leader and if you won the election that job would be permanent. I and most people that know you or are aware of your life's work have much love and respect for you sir.

      You might even run as the REAL Conservative you are and support voters having some of the tools of direct democracy like referendum and recall laws and real electoral and legislative reforms that would be so great that there would be no need for the None of the Above Party of Ontario to run candidates in every riding in the 2022 election, as we will in 2018.

      We can only hope that voters have finally had enough of the same old follow the leader politics and they are ready for some real Democracy EH?

  • Not another Mulroney, please. Go with this Fideli, and you have my vote. Too many Canadians have bad memories of Mulroney, who destroyed the federal Conservatives. We need to get rid of Wynne, by offering a good, middle of the road Bill Davis platform. Please, no extreme right wing platform. And stay away from divisive topics.

    • Yes yes big bad Mulroney, the one who gave us NAFTA that the hapless Liberals are incapable of saving today. Good one dude.

  • Patrick Brown had just recently stated that he was going to scrap the Green Energy Act. Hopefully the new party leader sticks with that promise.

  • Mulroney is a known name and a leader must be elected quickly. I would say go with her so we can get rid of the liberals.

  • Patrick Brown is proof the rage economy, Post Media, is a threat to democracy. This business exploits people’s subhuman thinking process for profit. This is not the thinking process that is proofs we evolved beyond other species. Young people who use this advanced thinking process get jobs paying $100,000 a year. Those who don’t will be made redundant by process improvement, automation and robots.

  • Pierre Poilievre please! He has been a solid advocate for taxpayers in holding the Liberals feet to the fire and can crush Wynne in the polls.

  • Any leader in the conservative party would be much better then Wynny the Pooh Just make sure the carbon tax is gone or at least let us see how much it is costing us on our hydro bill do not keep hiding it please

  • Well, Mr. Brown.... I'm so glad. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving bully and hypocrite. Conservatives should rejoice.. With a real conservative in charge the party will win a majority! It will get back all the social conservatives that mr. bully brown told to Fu** off, after tricking them into supporting him for the party leadership. The media? Couldn't care less about what the"progressive" propaganda toilet papers write..... they don't pay my hydro bill either. And if Ontario voters listen to the media then they deserve a wynne 2.0, 3.0 and on...

  • u could pick bozo the clown or a monkey from the Toronto zoo and either one would clobber that idiot that is in office now just pick someone ASAP and get on with it.#MAKEONTARIOGREATAGAIN

  • We need someone strong who is going to wipe the liberal party off the map and start being real to the regular people of this province and stand up like other countries have and say no more imports their only coming here to sue us and get a settlement and send that money back home to bring in more of their kind wether it male or female that becomes the conservative provincial leader grow some balls

  • Looking at the prosperity of the United States simply because the American people chose a business man as president ( yes I know trump is rough around the edges, but you can’t argue numbers). We need to change a pattern of politicians that has brought us to where we are today. Enough lying, greedy, manipulative politicians that will step on the backs of hard working Canadians to help themselves and their friends and use the media to convince us it’s good for us and we should be thanking them. CHANGE THE PATTERN

  • who was actually behind the lose of \brown no doubt is questionable . There's a smell to this story. on the other hand it nay work in the parties favor. Let the media dig into who instigated these accusations at this point of time. The party needs a leader whose name will take the public by storm . the party needs to be smart and put a name out there just like the Liberals did with jihadi Justin Trudeau.

    " MULRONEY "is the obvious choice and being a women fits perfectly in todays political scene.

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