Patrick Brown has released a lengthy response on his personal Facebook page in regards to the CTV allegations which originally reported an illicit relationship with an underage high school student.

Brown claimed that CTV is now “running scared” and has only back tracked on the allegations because of the backlash to its “biased and false reporting.”

He accused them of “burying” the correction in the middle of their article and not coming out clean with the truth.

Check out Brown’s full statement here:

As you can see, Brown accused CTV reporter Glen MacGregor of leaving out a key piece of evidence, namely the fact that an acquaintance of Mr Brown’s denied the fact that he had driven the first accuser home the night of the alleged incident.

This statement runs contradictory to the accusers claim that she was in fact driven home by Brown’s acquaintance.

If what Mr Brown is saying here is true, it seems that CTV, a Canadian media giant, is guilty of tossing out any evidence that would get in the way of their narrative that Mr Brown is guilty of sexual harassment.

Regardless of your views on Mr Brown, (and believe you me I am far from his biggest fan), this should greatly concern all Canadians.

The fact that major news organization like CTV could publish serious allegations such as the ones levelled against Mr Brown without bothering to include all the relevant details from both sides of the story is a troublesome development and showcases a real problem in our media.

Besides a few lone opinion columnists, no one really bothered to question the allegations against Mr Brown. As a whole, the mainstream media accepted the allegations and as far as I know not one of them went out of their way to fact check the CTV story and make sure that due process was done in the reporting of this story.

It’s a serious problem when the members of the mainstream media do not keep one another in check.

The mainstream media must not jump to conclusions when it comes to serious allegations of sexual harassment.

They must hold each other to account and make sure that all the relevant facts are reported; particularly on serious, reputation-wrecking stories such as Mr Browns.

Canadians expect better and deserve better.

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  1. “As a whole, the mainstream media accepted the allegations and as far as I know not one of them went out of their way to fact check the CTV story and make sure that due process was done in the reporting of this story. ”

    And that pretty well sums up the standards of care, competency, and decency employed by our mainstream media.

  2. The Main Stream Manipulators seem to think that Canadians aren’t on to their silly beggar games. News flash, check out revenues and viewership numbers. We’ve had enough.

  3. Think it’s about time that the elections board look into this to see if it’s a case of the media and individuals attempting to influence an election.

  4. CTV also lied about the fact that Rachel Aeillo and Chelsea Nash didn’t know each other when they both worked at the Hill Times last year, despite there being social media pictures of the two of them being quite chummy. CTV also lied, in effect, by stating that Brown has not answered their query if he claims the accusers are lying – even though that is exactly what Brown has said, repeatedly, forcefully, emotionally, both in writing and live in person, since the moment the allegations were aired.

    One of the CTV reporters on this story is Glen McGregor, who was the graphic designer at Frank magazine in 1991 when they can the “Deflower Caroline Mulroney” contest. McGregor now claims, conveniently, not to remember his involvement in the biggest scandal in politics in the past 50 years; but the then-editor or Frank states that it was McGregor’s work. So why is McGregor still employed at CTV News? Because they have no ethics and no standards, obviously.

  5. Watching CTV’s News Network, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. They are almost rivaling the CBC for being anti-Conservative. If you ever want to see a Liberal Cheerleader in action, look no further than Don Martin for your fix. I remember when Harper was PM, Martin could not control the hate on his face and vitriol from his mouth any time he had to talk about him, especially if it was good Harper news.
    If I were Patrick Brown, I would take the CTV and these women to court. If they did not have the balls to lay charges and go through the proper channels, for all the “sexual misconduct” they ‘survived’ (as Singh would call it). Perhaps Patrick can show them how it is done.
    This all stunk from the very start as convenient in it’s timing, just like the allegations against Trump south of the border……..seems like a pattern in left wing media at play.


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