Parts of Ontario under freezing rain warning

Winter came and it seems it wont be leaving that easily.
Winter came and it seems it wont be leaving that easily.

Winter seems like it won’t be leaving that easily.

According to public weather alerts by Environment Canada parts of Ontario are set for a mixture of early morning snow and ice pellets, alongside afternoon freezing rain, which will then likely change to rain by late night.

As a result of the cold and wet conditions, roads are likely to be more dangerous than usual, and increased caution is heavily advised.

The following communities have received the most severe warnings:

Other communities in Ontario have received less serious special weather advisories, in many cases due to large amounts of expected rain, and limited ability for the ground to absorb the water.

You can view the list of other special weather advisories in Ontario by clicking here.

The continued freezing showers are perhaps most concerning for communities, many of which through the Ottawa River watershed have declared states of emergency due to extended flooding.

Ottawa has been under a state of emergency since last Thursday due to flooding across the capital region’s municipality, while further up river Petawawa officials were forced to declare one on Sunday.

To the southwest, Bracebridge – home of Santa’s Village – is also dealing with flooding, as is nearby Muskoka Lakes: either have been under a state of emergency since the weekend.

While many in the province are enduring rising water levels and evacuations, its sister province of Quebec has seen thousands evacuated from their homes after a dike near Montreal broke two days ago.

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